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The "algorithms" bundle provides two environments, "algorithmic" and
"algorithm", which are designed to be used together but may be used

The "algorithmic" environment provides an environment for describing
algorithms and the "algorithm" environment provides a "float" wrapper
for algorithms (implemented using "algorithmic" or some other method at
the author's option).

The reason that two environments are provided is to allow the author
maximum flexibility.

The algorithms bundle is (currently) licensed under the Lesser GPL
license, which is a Free Software license. It may, in the future, be
released under the standard LaTeX license (the Latex Project Public

 -- Rog�rio Brito <rbrito@users.berlios.de>  Fri,  2 Jun 2006 21:54:10 -0300


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al­go­rithms – A suite of tools for type­set­ting al­go­rithms in pseudo-code

Con­sists of two en­vi­ron­ments: al­go­rithm and al­go­rith­mic. The al­go­rithm pack­age de­fines a float­ing al­go­rithm en­vi­ron­ment de­signed to work with the al­go­rith­mic style. Within an al­go­rith­mic en­vi­ron­ment a num­ber of com­mands for type­set­ting pop­u­lar al­go­rith­mic con­structs are avail­able.

Pack­age De­tailsal­go­rithms
Li­censeGNU Li­brary Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Main­tainerPeter Wil­liams (in­ac­tive)
Rogério Brito
Con­tained inTeX Live as al­go­rithms
MiKTeX as al­go­rithms
Topics type­set lan­guages for ex­press­ing al­go­rithms
See also alg
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