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Topic pseu­docode

type­set lan­guages for ex­press­ing al­go­rithms

LaTeX en­vi­ron­ments for type­set­ting al­go­rithms
Float­ing al­go­rithm en­vi­ron­ment with al­go­rith­mic key­words
The al­go­rith­mic style you al­ways wanted
A suite of tools for type­set­ting al­go­rithms in pseudo-code
Type­sets pseu­docode as in In­tro­duc­tion to Al­go­rithms
Al­go­rithm han­dling in ConTeXt
For­mat al­go­rithms like Cor­men, Leis­er­son and Rivest
Type­set­ting pro­grams and al­go­rithms
LaTeX en­vi­ron­ment for spec­i­fy­ing al­go­rithms in a nat­u­ral way
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