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The biblatex-publist package

A biblatex bibliography style file to produce academic
publication lists.

Maintained by Jürgen Spitzmüller
E-mail: juergen (at) spitzmueller (dot) org
Code repository and issue tracker:

Released under the LaTeX Project Public License v1.3 or later
See http://www.latex-project.org/lppl.txt


The biblatex-publist package provides a biblatex bibliography
style file (*.bbx) for publication lists, i.e. a bibliography
containing one's own publications. The style file draws on
biblatex's authoryear style, but provides some extra features
needed for publication lists, such as the omission of the own
name from author or editor data.

The package requires at least version 3.4 of the biblatex


The package consists of the following files:

* publist.bbx (biblatex bibliography style file)
* publist.cbx (biblatex citation style file)
* biblatex-publist.pdf (package documentation)
* biblatex-publist.tex (documentation source)
* README (this very file)


See the included manual biblatex-publist.pdf for usage


* V. 1.2 (2016-05-12):
	- Accomodate to the backwards-incompatible changes of biblatex 3.4
	  (prefixnumber > labelprefix, \ifempty > \ifdefvoid).
	  This version of biblatex is now required.

* V. 1.1 (2016-03-09):
	- Adapt to the \Declare*Name changes of biblatex 3.3.

* V. 1.0 (2015-01-04):
	- Add portmanteau *.cbx file to allow loading biblatex-publist
	  also via the "style" option (next to "bibstyle").

* V. 0.9 (2014-03-13):
	- Fix problem with multi-token names.
	- Support name prefix in \omitname.
	- Support for pubstate.

* V. 0.8 (2013-08-16):
	- Add custom sorting schemes "ddnt", "ydmdnt" and "dnt".
	- Revise the documentation.

* V. 0.7 (2013-07-25):
	- Support full dates.

* V. 0.6 (2013-07-21):
	- Fix numbering with recent biblatex versions.

* V. 0.5 (2013-05-03):
	- Fix numbering if \printbibliography is used multiple
	  times without refsection.

* V. 0.4 (2012-10-30):
	- More robust name parsing (especially for names with
	  non-ASCII characters encoded with LaTeX macros).
	- Add \omitname command.
	- Support "firstinits" option.

* V. 0.3 (2012-10-23):
	- Bug fix: Add missing "and" if omitted name was last
	  minus one.
	- Bug fix: Fix output with "et al." if omitted name is
	  first and liststop is 1.
	- Set maxnames default to 4.
	- Add filter possibility.
	- Add French localization.
	- Some corrections to the manual.

* V. 0.2 (2012-10-21): Initial release to CTAN.


Name Size Date Notes
README 2728 2016-05-12 18:51
bibla­tex-pub­list.pdf 293675 2016-05-12 19:32
bibla­tex-pub­list.tex 17212 2016-05-12 19:32
pub­list.bbx 17456 2016-05-12 18:51
pub­list.cbx 1250 2016-05-12 18:51

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bibla­tex-pub­list – BibLaTeX bib­li­og­ra­phy sup­port for pub­li­ca­tion lists

The pack­age pro­vides a BibLaTeX bib­li­og­ra­phy style file (*.bbx) for pub­li­ca­tion lists. The style file draws on BibLaTeX’s au­tho­ryear style, but pro­vides some ex­tra fea­tures of­ten de­sired for pub­li­ca­tion lists, such as the omis­sion of the au­thor’s own name from au­thor or ed­i­tor data.

Pack­age De­tailsbibla­tex-pub­list
Home pagehttps://github.com/jspitz/bibla­tex-pub­list
Ver­sion1.2 2016-05-12
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Main­tainerJür­gen Spitzmüller
Con­tained inTeX Live as bibla­tex-pub­list
MiKTeX as bibla­tex-pub­list
Topics BibLaTeX bib­li­og­ra­phy sup­port
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