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version: 1.54
filedate: 27 June 2015

This file is an extension of the package pict2e.sty which extends the standard  picture LaTeX environment according to what Leslie Lamport specified in the second edition of his LaTeX manual.

This further extension allows to draw lines and vectors with any non integer slope parameters, to draw dashed lined of any slope, to draw arcs and curved vectors, to draw curves where just the interpolating nodes are specified together with the slopes at the nodes; closed paths of any shape can be filled with color; all coordinates are treated 
as ordered pairs, i.e. �complex numbers�. Some of these features have been incorporated 
in the 2011 version of pict2e; therefore this package avoids any modification to the 
original pict2e commands.
Curve2e now accepts polar coordinates in addition to the usual Cartesian ones; several macros have been upgraded and a new macro for tracing cubic B�zier splines with their control nodes specified in polar form is available.

This version is fully compatible with pict2e version 0.2x dated 2011/05/01.

If you specify

\usepackage[<pict2e options>]{curve2e}

The package pict2e is automatically invoked with the specified options.    


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curve2e – Ex­ten­sions for pack­age pic­t2e

The pack­age ex­tends the draw­ing ca­pac­i­ties of the pic­t2e that serves as a LaTeX 2e re­place­ment for pic­ture mode. In par­tic­u­lar, curve2e in­tro­duces new macros for lines and vec­tors, new spec­i­fi­ca­tions for line ter­mi­na­tions and joins, arcs with any an­gu­lar aper­ture, arcs with ar­rows at one or both ends, generic curves spec­i­fied with their nodes and the tan­gent di­rec­tion at these nodes.

Pack­age De­tailscurve2e
Ver­sion1.54 2015-06-29
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