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# the easy family macros
# Copyright 1999 - Enrico Bertolazzi

The following files are enclosed.

  README           - This file
  *.sty            - the style files
  doc.html/        - doumentation in html format
  doc.dvi/         - doumentation in dvi format
  doc.ps/          - doumentation in postscript format
  perl/            - support for latex2html

The style file files are the following:


* easy.sty is a file which contains common definitions for all the packages.
  It is included from the others style files.

* easyeqn.sty introduces some equation environments that simplify writing
  of equations.  It uses a syntax similar to the array environment to
  define the column alignment.  The label field is fully customizable.  A
  package option permits to number only those equations that were ``labeled
  and referenced''.  Some additional macros are also included to facilitate
  typing of formulae.

* easymat.sty and easybmat.sty are useful for writing block matrices, with
  equal column widths or equal rows heights or both, with various kinds of
  rules~(lines) between rows and columns.  It uses an array/tabular-like

* easytable.sty is a macro package for writing tables, with equal column
  widths or equal rows heights or both, with various kinds of rules~(lines)
  between rows and columns.  It uses an array/tabular-like syntax.

* easyvector.sty is a simple macro package that provides a C-like syntax
  for writing vectors or matrices.

* easybib.sty introduces some new items for easy customization of the

The support for latex2html contained in the perl/ directory is in an early
stage and is quite complete only for easyeqn package.

Enrico Bertolazzi
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica e Strutturale              
Universit´┐Ż degli Studi di Trento    
Via Mesiano 77                        Tel: +39-461-882589/90
I-38050 Trento                        Fax: +39-461-882599
Italy                                 mailto:enrico.bertolazzi@ing.unitn.it

P.S. if you are an happy user of one of these macros I will appreciate
a postcard with a photo of your city.


Name Notes


Name Size Date Notes
README 2365 2002-03-19 01:00
doc.html.tgz 261807 2002-03-19 01:00
easy.sty 23474 2002-03-19 01:00
easy­bib.sty 6609 2002-03-19 01:00
easyb­mat.sty 5653 2002-03-19 01:00
easyeqn.sty 15024 2002-03-19 01:00
easy­mat.sty 6666 2002-03-19 01:00
easytable.sty 5493 2002-03-19 01:00
easyvec­tor.sty 7935 2002-03-19 01:00
my­doc.sty 559 2002-03-19 01:00

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (629.7k).

easy – A col­lec­tion of easy-to-use macros

The col­lec­tion com­prises:

  • easy­bib, sup­port for cus­tomis­ing bib­li­ogra­phies;
  • easyb­mat, sup­port for com­pos­ing block ma­tri­ces;
  • easyeqn, sup­port for var­i­ous as­pects of equa­tions;
  • easy­mat, sup­port for com­pos­ing ma­tri­ces;
  • easytable, sup­port for writ­ing ta­bles;
  • easyvec­tor, a C-like syn­tax for writ­ing vec­tors.

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