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This is the README file relative to package imakeidx version 1.3a
dated 11 July 2013.

Copyright 2010-2013 by Enrico Gregorio

The bundle contains the files:

README              this file
imakeidx.dtx        the documented source TeX file
manifest.txt        legalese information.

WARNING: the derived files:

imakeidx.sty        the package itself
imakeidx.pdf        the documentation file in PDF format

are SIMULTANEOUSLY produced while running pdflatex on imakeidx.dtx.

The bundle  is distributed  under the LPPL license  version 1.3c or 
any later version.

The bundle has the status of author maintained.

The various files should be moved to the TDS folders as such:
in source/latex/imakeidx/  file: imakeidx.dtx
in doc/latex/imakeidx/     files: README, manifest.txt.imakidx.pdf 
in /tex/latex/imakeidx/    file: imakeidx.sty

The main  purpose of this bundle  is to exploit  the possibility of 
running  an  index  formatting   program  from  within  a  document 
typesetting task (tested with the engines pdftex, xetex, and luatex 
in their  incarnation  set up to process  the LaTeX  markup) at the 
\printindex  level, so that one  or more indices  can be typeset in 
such a way that they are always synchronous  with the document they 
belong to.

With the TeXlive 2010 release  the makeindex  program can be safely 
run within a TeX run;  with previous distributions the shell escape 
feature  had to be  explicitly  enabled.   With the 2010  and later 
distributions the makeindex program is directly accessible.  If the 
xindy program  is used  to sort index entries  and format the index 
files, it is still necessary to use the full shell escape option.

This  bundle  is compatible  with  most  existing  classes;    some 
conflicts  with other  packages  have been  reported  and have been 
resolved,  or  at  least  advice is given  so as  to overcome  such 

This 1.3a version  has hooks that can be used by  class and package 
writers in order to index some entries with reference with location 
counters other than the page one,  for example line numbers,  verse
numbers, etc.  This extension  was contributed  by Maieul Roquette, 
the author  and maintainer  of package  eledmac.Roquette.   We very 
gratefully acknowledge his contribution.

Enrico Gregorio       enrico dot gregorio at univr.it


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (510.0k).

imakeidx – A pack­age for pro­duc­ing mul­ti­ple in­dexes

The pack­age en­ables the user to pro­duce and type­set one or more in­dexes si­mul­ta­ne­ously with a doc­u­ment. The pack­age is known to work in LaTeX doc­u­ments pro­cessed with pdfla­tex, xe­lata­tex and lu­ala­tex. If makein­dex is used for pro­cess­ing the in­dex en­tries, no par­tic­u­lar set­ting up is needed when TeX Live is used. Us­ing xindy or other pro­grams it is nec­es­sary to en­able shell es­cape; shell es­cape is also needed if splitin­dex is used.

Pack­age De­tailsimakeidx
Li­censeThe LaTeX Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2010–2013 En­rico Gre­go­rio
Main­tainerEn­rico Gre­go­rio
Clau­dio Bec­cari
Con­tained inTeX Live as imakeidx
MiKTeX as imakeidx
Topics in­dex sup­port
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