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(last updated Oct 2002) for the NRC's macros. -- Ch. Thiele


	     Macros for NRC press journals

This directory contains macros, and some documentation, for
typesetting papers for submission to journals published by the
National Research Council Research Press.

Files in this directory are:

  nrc.dtx             source of the macros
  nrc.ins             TeX installation script for the NRC classes
  userguide.tex       LaTeX documentation file
  userguide.pdf       PDF documentation
  README              this file
  00-2012-authors.txt upgrading instructions for authors

To create the NRC class files for use with (current) LaTeX:

  - download the files nrc.dtx and nrc.ins
  - process nrc.ins with LaTeX
  - (optionally) move the resulting files nrc1.cls, nrc2.cls (and the
    corresponding .sty files) to a directory on your LaTeX input path
    (recommended TDS location, for modern freeware installations of
    LaTeX, is <local texmf tree>/tex/latex/nrc/)

User-level documentation is available (in two forms) as userguide.*
in this directory.  If you wish to process userguide.tex, please
delete any old copy of nrcdoc.sty that is to be found on your system
(the file will generate a new copy of nrcdoc.sty in the course of
being processed).

More TeXnical documentation may be had by processing nrc.dtx with
LaTeX, in the usual way.

Christina Thiele
For CSP, 2 November 2012


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (248.3k).

nrc – Class for the NRC tech­ni­cal jour­nals

Macros, and some doc­u­men­ta­tion, for type­set­ting pa­pers for sub­mis­sion to jour­nals pub­lished by the Na­tional Re­search Coun­cil Re­search Press. At present, only nrc2.cls (for two-col­umn lay­out) should be used.

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Christina Thiele
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MiKTeX as nrc
Topics sup­port for type­set­ting physics doc­u­ments
type­set­ting jour­nals, etc
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