Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Robin Fairbairns

LaTeX macros for TUGboat ar­ti­cles
A spell-checker for VMS sys­tems
Lin­guis­tic sup­port
Ro­ta­tion tools, in­clud­ing ro­tated full-page floats
Use bold small caps and type­writer fonts
Page num­ber­ing by chap­ter
A patch for the la­bel-check­ing code
De­clare free-stand­ing \cap­tion com­mands
Macros for mark­ing cor­rec­tion sheets
Make du­pli­cate page num­bers dis­tinct
Place foot­notes at the end
A range of foot­note op­tions
Mul­ti­ple use of the same foot­note text
Al­ter the for­mat of \la­bel ref­er­ences
Ex­tended ver­ba­tim
Sum­mary of math­e­mat­i­cal sym­bols avail­able in LaTeX
Class for the NRC tech­ni­cal jour­nals
Make com­mands to de­fine proofs
If the doc­u­ment has only one page, omit page num­ber
Fonts for type­set­ting Ogham script
Lay­out with zero \parindent, non-zero \parskip
Set space be­tween lines
A sum­mary of math­e­mat­i­cal script fonts for LaTeX users
Sec­tion num­bers with trail­ing dots
Pro­vides the \textsub­script com­mand
Place cap­tions above fig­ures or ta­bles
De­fines a macro \now to print the cur­rent time
Merge text in TeX and LaTeX
A com­pi­la­tion of Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions with an­swers
De­fine com­mands which ex­pand to ver­ba­tim text
Dep­re­cated en­try for PSTricks pack­age
Cap­tions on more than floats
Old style num­bers in OT1 en­cod­ing
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