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The LuaTeX-ja Package 20150307.0
Copyright (c) 2011--2015 The LuaTeX-ja project
License: modified BSD (see COPYING)

LuaTeX-ja is a macro package for typesetting Japanese documents with LuaTeX.
This package is highly affected by ASCII pTeX engine, but not a porting of it.

Note that this package is still *alpha-stage*; documentations are not complete
and specifications are subject to change. Documentations are located at
  doc/luatexja-en.pdf (en), doc/luatexja-ja.pdf (ja).

LuaTeX-ja is developed on
If you have questions or recognize bugs/have feature requests,
we would like you to create a thread in the forum or a ticket
in the way which SourceForge.JP supplies, via links found in
the page above.


0. Please make sure that your TeX distribution is up-to-date.
   This version of LuaTeX-ja requires
    - LuaTeX beta-0.74.0 or later
    - luaotfload v2.2
    - luatexbase v0.6
    - everysel package
    - IPAex fonts (http://ipafont.ipa.go.jp/)
   Hence this version does not work in TeX Live 2012 (or earlier).

1. If you are using TeX Live 2013 or later, you can install LuaTeX-ja via tlmgr.

2. If you must/want to install manually:

   a. Download the source archive from CTAN,
      or tagged as 20150307.0 in the Git repository by

   b. Extract the archive and process following three files by LuaLaTeX
      to generate classes for Japanese typesetting:

   c. Process src/ltj-kinsoku_make.tex by (plain) LuaTeX to generate ltj-kinsoku.lua,
      which stores default "kinsoku" parameters.

   d. Put src/ into your TEXMF tree.
      An example location is TEXMF/tex/luatex/luatexja.

      If you are updating from old version, you MUST remove it before
      extracting the new version of LuaTeX-ja.

   e. You may need to update the filename database, by 'mktexlsr' or something.

Basic Usage

LuaTeX-ja supports both the plain format and LaTeX2e.
Simply loading luatexja.sty by \input or \usepackage does the minimal setting.

- If you want to create Japanese-based documents, you can consider the use of
  ltj{article,book,report}.cls or ltjs{article,book}.cls.
- If you want to use the fontspec package, please load luatexja-fontspec.sty.
  It defines control sequences such as \setmainjfont, \setsansjfont and
  \jfontspec, which can be used for specifying Japanese fonts.

* This archive contains four .{dtx,ins} pairs:
    src/ltjclasses.{ins,dtx},  src/ltjltxdoc.{ins,dtx}
    src/ltjsclasses.{ins,dtx}, doc/luatexja.{ins,dtx}
  Former three pairs generate class files (see above),
  while the latter doc/luatexja.{ins,dtx} generates documentations.
  (You will need Kozuka fonts to regenerate documentaion PDFs.)

  No .{dtx,ins} pair generates .sty files of LuaTeX-ja package.

* src/*.{ins.dtx} and src/ltj-kinsoku_make.tex are not needed in regular use.

Last commit date: Sat Mar 7 14:21:00 2015 +0900


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lu­a­texja – Type­set Ja­panese with lua(la)tex

The pack­age of­fers sup­port for type­set­ting Ja­panese doc­u­ments with LuaTeX. Either of the Plain and LaTeX2ε for­mats may be used with the pack­age.

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