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About 5 years ago I developed  some TeX files for  economics working papers and journals.  My model at the time was AMSTeX. I use a variant of these files for my own working papers, but I've supplemented my files with various additional macros.  

These files really aren't fit for public distribution but I've had so many requests for them that I will release them anyway.  One of these days I might find time to get back to this package and do it right.

If I were starting over I would probably use LaTeX and bibtex, but perhaps it would make sense to wait for LaTeX 3.0.

Have fun with the files.  Note that they are completely unsupported; don't ask me any questions about them.  However, if you make significant enhancements or bug fixes I would like to see them.

                                        July 25, 1992

-----------original readme file

Here is release 1.0 of VerTeX.  Please note that there are two sets of
"standard" TeX fonts, the "Computer Modern" (CM) versions and the "Almost
Modern" (AM) versions.  Users are encouraged to switch to the final
release of the CM fonts, rather than stick with the outmoded AM

In VerTeX I have  \font loading statements for both the CM and the AM 
fonts.  You should comment out the font definitions that you are not using. 
The \font statements are at the start of vertex.tex, ppt.sty, etc.

Good luck.


Name Size Date Notes
READ.ME 1442 1992-07-25 02:00
aer.sty 4682 1991-05-23 02:00
ec­n­met.sty 4717 1991-05-23 02:00
files.lst 776 1991-05-23 02:00
fn­test.tex 3700 1991-05-23 02:00
jep.sty 5863 1991-05-23 02:00
jep­cont.tex 3598 1991-05-23 02:00
jet.sty 5358 1991-05-23 02:00
jpe.sty 3928 1991-05-23 02:00
ppt.sty 5696 1991-05-23 02:00
qje.sty 4885 1991-05-23 02:00
restud.sty 5967 1991-05-23 02:00
test.tex 4569 1991-05-23 02:00
twocol.tex 2424 1991-05-23 02:00
users.lst 1827 1991-05-23 02:00
vertest.tex 388 1991-05-23 02:00
ver­tex.doc 12251 1991-05-23 02:00
ver­tex.hst 2300 1991-05-23 02:00
ver­tex.pdf 94008 2005-12-17 16:51
ver­tex.tex 16730 1991-05-23 02:00

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ver­tex – Styles for eco­nomics work­ing pa­pers and jour­nals

Pack­age De­tailsver­tex
Ver­sion 1991-05-23
Li­censeUn­known Sta­tus, No In­for­ma­tion Avail­able
Main­tainerHal Var­ian
Topics type­set­ting jour­nals, etc
pa­per (sim­ply) for com­mu­ni­ca­tion, not nec­es­sar­ily for pub­li­ca­tion
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