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Direc­tory tex-archive/macros/xetex/generic/tibetan

xetex-tibetan 0.1

TECkit input mappings for typesetting of Unicode Tibetan (0F00-0FFF)
with the LateX PDF-engine XeTeX. Created by Daniel Stender

Input following Turrell Wylie: A standard system of Tibetan
transliteration (Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 22, 1959, pp. 261

-   ka kh g ng c ch j ny t th d n p ph b m
-   ts tsh dz w zh z 'a y r l sh s h a

Usage like:

      \setmainfont[Script=Tibetan,Mapping=wylie]{DDC Uchen}
      \begin{document}' | \\ 
      de.dag.legs.bshad.rin.chen.sdud | \\
      rga.mtsho.chen.po.chu.yi.bder | \\'bab || \\'i | \\ | \\
      rdul.dang.''i.lcags.phye.rnams | \\
      khab.len.rdo.yis.len.par.shes ||

Input following the Library of Congress input scheme (cf. Herbert Franke
(Hrsg.): Wörterbuch der tibetischen Schriftsprache. 1. Lieferung: ka-kun
chub par byed pa. München 2005, p. xx):

-   ka kh g ṅ (U+1E45) c ch j ñ (U+00F1) t th d n p ph b m
-   ts tsh dz w ź (U+017A) z 'a y r l ś (U+015B) s h a

Usage like:

      \setmainfont[Script=Tibetan,Mapping=loctib]{DDC Uchen}
      \begin{document}' | \\ 
      de.dag.legs.bśad.rin.chen.sdud | \\
      rga.mtsho.chen.po.chu.yi.bder | \\'bab || \\'i | \\
      blaṅ | \\
      rdul.dang.''i.lcags.phye.rnams | \\
      khab.len.rdo.yis.len.par.śes ||


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xe­tex-ti­betan – XTeX in­put maps for Uni­code Ti­betan

The pack­age pro­vides a map for use with Jonathan Kew’s TECkit, to trans­late Ti­betan to Uni­code (range 0F00-0FFF).

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MikTeX as xe­tex-ti­betan
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