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Catdoc is small program which extracts readable text from
MS-Word file. Version 0.90 supports at least MS-Word 6.0, 95 and 97
although you might have some luck even with Write files.

Catdoc can replace characters, which are special to tex and which
are not present in current character set by appropriate TeX commands
(fully configurable).

There are two distributives of catdoc

catdoc-0.90.tar.gz - source only distribution. Works for all platforms
                     if you know, how to unpack tar.gz and compile C
catdoc-0.90.zip - includes precomplied DOS executable. For dos users
                  without tar and C compiler. If you are installing it
		  on Unix, use zip -a to convert text files to UNIX


Name Size Date Notes
README 740 1998-10-29 01:00
cat­doc-0.90.3.tar.gz 90802 2000-12-07 08:15
cat­doc-0.90.3.zip 183733 1999-08-12 14:13
cat­doc-0.91.4.tar.gz 111704 2001-03-15 12:44
cat­doc-0.91.5.tar.gz 125352 2002-01-30 20:01

cat­doc – Text ex­trac­tor for word files

A fil­ter which ex­tracts ASCII text from MS-Word files, op­tion­ally with some TeX con­trol se­quences (for those char­ac­ters, which have spe­cial mean­ing for TeX).

Pack­age De­tailscat­doc
Li­censeGNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Main­tainerVic­tor Wag­ner
Topics con­vert one for­mat of file to an­other
See also word2x
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