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TeXTools	Version	1.0
Date:		1/25/87

Copyright (C) 1987  by Kamal Al-Yahya

This directory contains some filters that were developed at the
Stanford Exploration Project (SEP), Geophysics Department, by Kamal Al-Yahya.
Copying them to any other machine is permitted without prior permission
provided that copyright messages are kept, no profit is made by copying
the files, and modifications are clearly documented and noted in the
edit history below.



Many users at the SEP gave valuable feedbacks that improved the programs.

The main programs have names that end with either 1 or 2 (e.g. detex1.c,
detex2.c). Those ending with 2 are used in makefile.par and can
be used only by those who have getpar(). This enables them to use
in=  and out=  for input and output files specifications in addition
to what can be done in files ending with 1.

The maximum number of characters in a document is set by MAXLEN
(in setups.h) to be 65535. If the limit of unsigned integers in
your machine is lower than this, change this number accordingly.

To install:
 - modify MAXLEN in setups.h if necessary.
 - choose either makefile or makefile.par (as explained above).
 - type 'make'.
 - test the programs on the testfile provided.
 - move the executables to a common path (like /usr/local/bin).
 - type 'make clean'.

The following files should be in this directory:

README		this file
setups.h	an include file used by all programs.
testfile	a file that demonstrates how these programs work
inc_file	an include file that is opened by testfile
inc_file2.tex	another include file
makefile	what else but a makefile
makefile.par	a makefile that assumes you have access to getpar()
detex1.c	strips TeX's commands from the document
detex2.c	same as detex1.c but assumes you have access to getpar()
texeqn1.c	picks displayed equations from a document
texeqn2.c	same as texeqn1.c but assumes you have access to getpar()
texexpand1.c	expands the document by opening \input and \include files
texexpand2.c	same as texexpand1.c but assumes you have access to getpar()
texmatch1.c	checks for matching braces, brackets, parentheses, and dollar signs
texmatch2.c	same as texmatch1.c but assumes you have access to getpar()
DeTeX.c		subroutine to strip TeX's commands from the document
Eqn.c		subroutine to extracts equations
Expand.c	subroutine to expand the document
Match.c		subroutine that checks the matching
subs.c		subroutines used by the programs
TEX		a shell that can be used to run all TeX processing
texspell	shell that runs spell on TeX documnets
detex.1		manual page for detex
texeqn.1	manual page for texeqn
texexpand.1	manual page for texexpand
texmatch.1	manual page for texmatch
texspell.1	manual page for texspell
TEX.1		manual page for TEX

Feedbacks are welcome. E-mail: try any of these



Name Size Date Notes
DeTeX.c 1351 1993-08-17 02:00
Eqn.c 2151 1993-08-17 02:00
Ex­pand.c 3403 1993-08-17 02:00
Match.c 10073 1993-08-17 02:00
README 3030 1993-08-17 02:00
TEX 4562 1993-08-17 02:00
TEX.1 1688 1993-08-17 02:00
de­tex.1 1668 1993-08-17 02:00
de­tex1.c 3361 1993-08-17 02:00
de­tex2.c 4657 1993-08-17 02:00
inc_file 139 1993-08-17 02:00
inc_file2.tex 30 1993-08-17 02:00
make­file 800 1993-08-17 02:00
make­file.msc 1085 1993-08-17 02:00
make­file.par 985 1993-08-17 02:00
se­tups.h 1602 1993-08-17 02:00
se­tups.h- 1597 1993-08-17 02:00
subs.c 6954 1993-08-17 02:00
test­file 754 1993-08-17 02:00
tex­eqn.1 1339 1993-08-17 02:00
tex­e­qn1.c 3336 1993-08-17 02:00
tex­e­qn2.c 4621 1993-08-17 02:00
tex­ex­pand.1 1034 1993-08-17 02:00
tex­ex­pand1.c 3073 1993-08-17 02:00
tex­ex­pand2.c 4247 1993-08-17 02:00
tex­match.1 953 1993-08-17 02:00
tex­match1.c 2841 1993-08-17 02:00
tex­match2.c 3209 1993-08-17 02:00
texspell 627 1993-08-17 02:00
texspell.1 746 1993-08-17 02:00
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