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	      |    The LaTeX-Make system     |


This package provides several tools that aim to simplify the
compilation of LaTeX documents:
* a Makefile snippet to help compiling LaTeX documents in
  DVI, PDF, PS, ... format. Dependencies are automatically tracked: one
  should be able to compile documents with a one-line Makefile
  containing 'include'. Complex documents (with multiple
  bibliographies, indexes, glossaries, ...) should be correctly managed.

* figlatex.sty: a LaTeX package to easily insert xfig figures (with
  \includegraphics{file.fig}). It can interact with so that the
  latter automatically invokes transfig if needed.

* And various helper tools for

License type: gpl


Full installation:
  This package installs:
  * TeX files in $(texmf_prefix) 
    a standard TDS is assumed here: see
    (with scripts in $(texmf_prefix)/scripts/latex-make)
  * a symbolic link for the Makefile snipset in $(prefix)/include
    (to $(texmf_prefix)/scripts/latex-make)
  Default values are:
  You can make a default install with:
  make install
  To install latex-make conforming to the FHS, you can type:
  make install prefix=/usr
  To install in HOME directory, you can use:
  make install prefix=$HOME texmf_prefix=$HOME/texmf
  In this case, to not forget to invoke make(1) with the '-I' option:
  make -I${HOME}/include ...
  If you want to install the files needed in a directory containing a LaTeX
  document (so that compiling in this directory does not need the installation
  of this package), please refers to the README file.

  Do not forget to run "texhash" once you have installed/removed files in a
  TeX Directory Structure 

Building main files:
  If you just want to get main files (Makefile snipset, scripts and LaTeX
  style), type 'make' (or 'make doc' if you
  also want the documentation)



  In order to work, LaTeX Make requires:
  - GNU Make (>= 3.81)
    type "make --version" to check
  - a relatively recent LaTeX distribution (teTeX 3.0 should work,
    TeXLive >= 2005 also)
  If using figlatex, LaTeX Make also needs:
  - transfig (>= 3.2.4) for the fig2dev command
    type "transfig -V" to check
  - ghostscript that is called by fig2dev
    type "gs --version" to check
Notes for MacOS X users:

  make 3.81
  For now, make 3.81 does not seem to be packaged. You need to compile it
  by hand. It is easy:
  1) get the sources (tar.gz) and unpack them
  2) go to the new directory and type:
       ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
       sudo make install
  3) add /usr/local/bin in your PATH
  Note that you can choose another prefix if you like (for example
  /usr/local/make-3.81). Setup your PATH accordingly in this case.
  teTeX can be installed with the Darwin port[1].
  Note: the installer requires that /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local
  is a valid TeX Directory Structure[2]. This is the case with the
  Darwin port.
  The transfig package in the stable fink[3] distribution is compiled
  with an deprecated option. In consequence, fig2dev uses \epsfig
  instead of \includegraphics in its generated files.
  One of the three workaround can be used:
  1) add \let\epsfig=\includegraphics at the begining of your document
     (just after the \begin{document})
     Of course, this will not work if you were using the deprecated
     epsfig package.
  2) use the transfig-graphicx package from the unstable fink[3]
  3) recompile the transfig package without "DDEPSFIG = -DEPSFIG"
     (look in the applied patch and remove the removal of XCOMM for the
     line "XCOMM DDEPSFIG = -DEPSFIG" for the file fig2dev/Imakefile)
  The ghostscript package can be found in the stable fink[3]



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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (465.8k).

la­tex-make – Easy com­pil­ing of com­plex (and sim­ple) LaTeX doc­u­ments

This pack­age pro­vides sev­eral tools that aim to sim­plify the com­pi­la­tion of LaTeX doc­u­ments:

  • a Make­file snip­pet to help com­pil­ing LaTeX doc­u­ments in DVI, PDF, PS, … for­mat. Depen­den­cies are au­to­mat­i­cally tracked: one should be able to com­pile doc­u­ments with a one-line Make­file con­tain­ing 'in­clude'. Com­plex doc­u­ments (with mul­ti­ple bib­li­ogra­phies, in­dexes, glos­saries, …) should be cor­rectly man­aged.
  • figlatex.sty: a LaTeX pack­age to eas­ily in­sert xfig fig­ures (with \in­clude­graph­ics{file.fig}). It can in­ter­act with so that the lat­ter au­to­mat­i­cally in­vokes trans­fig if needed.
  • And var­i­ous helper tools for
This pack­age re­quires GNU­make (>= 3.81).

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