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This is the absolute latest distributed version of LaTeX2hyp.

latex2hy.readme    LaTeX2Hyp notes.
l2hyp107.lha       LaTeX2Hyp version 1.07 including MS-DOS executable.
l2hyp107.tar.Z     LaTeX2hyp version 1.07 for UNIX 
                     includes everything except executable.
l2hyp109.lha       LaTeX2hyp version 1.09 including MS-DOS executable.
l2hyp109.tar.Z     LateX2hyp version 1.09
                     includes everything except executable.
amiga109.lha       LaTeX2hyp version 1.09 executable only for the Amiga.


Name Size Date Notes
README 529 1994-10-10 01:00
l2hyp109.lzh 156533 1994-10-10 01:00
l2hyp109.tar 294912 1994-10-10 01:00
press.txt 2761 1994-10-10 01:00
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