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This is release 2.4 of the mk script.

Short description:
mk is a Ruby script that, in close collaboration with vpp (short for View and Print PDF/PostScript),
is helpful in the cyclic process of editing, viewing, and printing a latex/xelatex/plain document.
Essentially, mk uses texi2dvi for compilation, vpp for viewing and printing.

mk has been tested under Linux only.

See also (for comment see the file OtherMakers):
(oldest>) shlatex    latexmake  latexn   make-latex  latex-make
go-make   rake4latex texi2dvi   latexmk  autolatex   (<newest)

major changes of release 2.4 relative to 2.3:
  - zero size pdf will not exit but offer edit option
  - scriptingutils.rb offered as a ruby gem

major changes of release 2.3 relative to 2.2:
  - --web option now works
  - colors now ok for black and white backgrounds
  - no ruby gems needed anymore
  - bug in indexing corrected

major changes of release 2.2 relative to 2.1:
  - make is not used anymore
  - mk finds tex format to use from source: latex, pdflatex, xelatex, tex, pdftex
  - a comment line %!xelatex explicitly tells mk to use xelatex, same for other formats
  - tex's -halt-on-error option used
  - if the .fls file is still there, mk can see that not even 1 run is needed
  - documentation has instructions for use with TeXworks
  - several fixes for ruby 1.9

$Id: README,v 1.12 2012/02/11 11:56:52 wybo Exp $


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README 1394 2012-02-11 01:44:37
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Down­load the com­plete con­tents of this di­rec­tory in one zip archive (70.0k).

mk – Make for LaTeX

A Ruby script that, in close col­lab­o­ra­tion with vpp (short for View and Print PostScript/PDF), is help­ful in the cyclic pro­cess of edit­ing, view­ing, and print­ing a la­tex doc­u­ment. Essen­tially, mk uses the make util­ity for the man­age­ment of file de­pen­den­cies, tex­i2pdf for com­pi­la­tion, vpp for view­ing and print­ing.

mk has been tested un­der Linux only.

Li­censeGNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Copy­right2009 Wybo Dekker
Main­tainerWybo H. Dekker
Topics the doc­u­ment com­pi­la­tion pro­cess
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