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Ligatex  Version 0.2

Das Programm Ligatex hebt in Texten, die f�r Verwendung mit dem Textsatzsystem 
TeX geschrieben sind, an Stellen wo sie nicht hingeh�ren, Ligaturen auf.
Es greift dazu auf einen w�rterbuchbasierten Ansatz zur�ck und kann daher nur 
f�r Texte, die auf Deutsch verfa�t sind, sinnvoll verwandt werden. Eine 
Anpassung f�r andere Sprachen kann durch Ersatz der Datei ligatex.l erfolgen.
Der Autor w�rde sich �ber solche Anpassungen freuen, sowie �ber Fehlermeldungen
zur vorliegenden deutschen Version.

The programme ligatex converts texts that are written for use with the layout
system TeX in such a way that ligatures are removed from certain places. The
programm currently only treats texts written in German. Thus this programme is
probably only of interest to you if you have some knowledge of the German 
language. Therefore the rest of this documentation is only available in German.
However, the author welcomes additions to ligatex in order to make it usable 
with any language. For this purpose the file ligatex.l should be edited.

Gerhard Killesreiter


Name Size Date Notes
COPYING 15477 2000-07-20 18:52
Changes 673 2000-11-26 16:16
LIESMICH 1119 2000-11-23 23:33
LIZENZ 27016 2000-07-20 18:53
Makefile 2197 2000-11-26 16:12 2166 2000-11-26 16:11
README 1120 2000-11-23 23:34
common.c 1784 2000-11-25 15:30
configure 46008 2000-11-26 16:11 641 2000-07-20 18:53
getopt.c 29812 2000-07-20 18:53
getopt.h 4558 2000-07-20 18:53
getopt1.c 4214 2000-07-20 18:53 2186 2000-07-20 18:53
ligatex.l 18602 2000-11-26 16:19 3903 2000-11-26 14:02
mkinstalldirs 649 2000-07-20 18:53

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Li­gaTeX – Re­move un­nec­es­sary lig­a­tures

Li­gaTeX re­moves un­nec­es­sary lig­a­tures (ac­cented char­ac­ters writ­ten out as more than one let­ter) from TeX files (for ex­am­ple, it trans­lates “ae” to “\"a”). The pro­gram cur­rently only works with texts writ­ten in Ger­man. How­ever, the au­thor wel­comes ad­di­tions to Li­gaTeX in or­der to make it us­able with any lan­guage.

Pack­age De­tailsLi­gaTeX
Li­censeGNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Main­tainerGer­hard Killesre­iter
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