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    MEPer is a java program. To start the program, use
    java -jar MEper.jar

    A directory named "MetaPostPreviewer" will be created in the user's home
    directory. The following files (and temporary files) will be created in this
        - preview.mp, the MetaPost source file.
        - preview.eps, the output of the MetaPost;
        - preview.png, converted from the eps file.

    The jar file and source files can be downloaed from

System requirement
    The following tools are needed to run MEPer:
        - the latest release of the Sun Java SE platform
        - MetaPost
        - ImageMagick, or ghostscript

License and Disclaimer
    MEPer is free software under the GPL (Gnu General Public License). It is free
    to use but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. If you modify or redistribute it, please
    include the orginal author's name or a link to the MEPer web page.

Copyright 2009, Shengjun Pan


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