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This is MusiXTeX, version 1.15 (packaged 2013-12-12). MusiXTeX is a
TeX-based system for typesetting music.

The main author was Daniel Taupin, who died in a climbing accident in
2003; other authors credited in the MusiXTeX manual are Andreas Egler
and Ross Mitchell. MusiXTeX is now being maintained by

Don Simons dsimons(at)roadrunner(dot)com
Hiroaki Morimoto CQX05646(at)nifty(dot)com

The package includes

   + Postscript slur support, due to Stanislav Kneifl

   + musixlyr support for lyrics, due to Rainer Dunker

   + musixcrd support for chord symbols, due to Robert Hennig

   + a few small extension packages (curly, tuplet, underbracket)

   + a script musixflx.lua for the 2nd-pass processing

   + a script musixtex.lua that automates the 3-pass 
     etex -> musixflx -> [pdf]etex process, 
     possibly followed by calls to dvips and ps2pdf (or dvipdfm) 
     to convert the output to Portable Document Format (PDF)

   + wrapper scripts musixflx.bat and musixtex.bat for use on Windows

MusiXTeX fonts, including both the original metafont sources and Type
1 versions by Takanori Uchiyama are in a separate musixtex-fonts
package, which must be installed before using the MusiXTeX macros.

musixtex-install.{pdf,tex} is a more-detailed version of the following

To install (on TDS-compliant TeX systems):

 +  unzip tex-archive/install/macros/musixtex.tds.zip at the root of a
    texmf tree and, if necessary, update the filename database; 
    e.g., texhash texmf.

 +  on Windows: move the scripts in Windows to a folder
    on the executable PATH (or add that folder to the PATH)

 +  on any Unix-like system: install symbolic links musixflx
    and musixtex in a directory on the executable PATH to
    scripts/musixtex/musixflx.lua and scripts/musixtex/musixtex.lua,

Documentation for MusiXTeX and friends is installed under 


Documentation for the musixflx and musixtex scripts are in 


Check out musixtex-install.pdf for information on the extension
packages, which are installed under


Many users, especially beginners, will find it easier to use the PMX and
M-Tx pre-processors, which accept a simpler input language than MusiXTeX
itself. These pre-processor packages may be found at CTAN under support.
Additional documentation, additional add-on packages, and many examples
of MusiXTeX typesetting may be found at the Werner Icking Music Archive


Support for users of MusiXTeX and related software may be obtained via
the MusiXTeX mail list at


MusiXTeX may be freely copied, duplicated and used in conformance to the
GNU General Public License (Version 2, 1991, see included file gpl.txt).

This CTAN distribution is maintained by Bob Tennent


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Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (2.3M).

musix­tex – So­phis­ti­cated mu­sic type­set­ting

MusiXTeX pro­vides a set of macros, based on the ear­lier Mu­sicTeX, for type­set­ting mu­sic with TeX. To pro­duce op­ti­mal spac­ing, MusixTeX is a three-pass sys­tem: etex, musixflx, and etex again. (Musixflx is a lua script that is pro­vided in the bun­dle.) The three-pass pro­cess, op­tion­ally fol­lowed by pro­cess­ing for printed out­put, is au­to­mated by the musix­tex wrap­per script.

The pack­age uses its own spe­cialised fonts, which must be avail­able on the sys­tem for musix­tex to run.

This ver­sion of MusixTeX builds upon work by An­dreas Egler, whose own ver­sion is no longer be­ing de­vel­oped.

The MusiXTeX macros are uni­ver­sally ac­knowl­edged to be chal­leng­ing to use di­rectly: the pmx pre­pro­ces­sor com­piles a sim­pler in­put lan­guage to MusixTeX macros..

Pack­age De­tailsmusix­tex
Home pagehttp://ick­ing-mu­sic-archive.org/soft­ware/in­dexmt6.html
Ver­sion1.15 (2013-12-12)
Li­censeGNU Gen­eral Public Li­cense
Main­tainerOlivier Vo­gel
Bob Ten­nent
Jean-Pierre Coulon
Ross Mitchell (in­ac­tive)
Daniel Taupin (in­ac­tive)
Hiroaki Mo­ri­moto
An­dreas Egler (in­ac­tive)
Don Si­mons
TDS archivemusixtex.tds.zip
Con­tained inTeXlive as musix­tex
MikTeX as musix­tex
Topics type­set­ting mu­sic and re­lated stuff
See also pmx
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