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These three files (printcap, magic_ljet4_filter, and runlatex)
are used, together with utilities mentioned in the "printcap" 
file, to allow PC users on a Novell LAN to submit LaTeX jobs for
printing, without having access to LaTeX itself.  The idea
is to avoid maintaining more than one LaTeX setup, if LaTeX
is only occasionally used by some people on the LAN.

The scripts are new even to us, and have not been extensively
tested.  No guaranties, no promises.

Good luck!


Name Size Date Notes
CONTACT 166 1996-04-14 02:00
README 477 1996-04-14 02:00
magic_ljet4m_fil­ter 5513 1996-04-14 02:00
print­cap 2004 1996-04-14 02:00
run­la­tex 1728 1996-04-16 02:00
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