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This is PStab v2.0
A system for typesetting guitar tablature,
(c) 1994 Brian Ewins .
The distribution should contain:
this contains the program.
this contains the manual in PStab format.
this is the GNU public license , version 2.
this file.

To print the manual, append the file manual.pst to
the file PStab, calling it 'something.ps'.(the
name is irrelevant) Then just print this as you would
any other postscript file.

	Baz 14/3/94.


Name Size Date Notes
PStab 29016 1994-03-18 01:00
copy­ing 18054 1994-03-18 01:00
man­ual.pst 35135 1994-03-18 01:00
readme 475 1994-03-18 01:00
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