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tex2mail is a perl script to convert TeX files into
plain text files: various mathematical symbols
(sums, products, integrals, sub/superscripts, fractions, square
roots,...) are replaced by "ascii art" that spreads over
multiple lines if necessary. The result attemps to approach WYSIWYG
and is more readable to human beings than the flat-style TeX code.

Adapt the source code to your local needs by change of
the first line of the tex2mail file for the correct
full path name of your perl executable.


tex2mail [-linelength <bytesperline> ] [-debug <level> ]
         [-by_par] [-TeX] [-ragged] [-noindent] < foo.tex > foo.txt
author: Ilya Zakahrevich <ilya@math.ohio-state.edu>
source: ftp://ftp.math.ohio-state.edu/pub/users/ilya/tex/tex2mail


Name Size Date Notes
README 849 2001-02-27 15:28
tex2­mail 60964 2001-12-21 21:30 Con­verts TeX to mail­able "ASCII art"
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