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Topic date-time

ma­nip­u­late dates and/or times

Print a date rel­a­tive to "to­day"
An ana­log tick­ing clock pack­age for PDF out­put
Print the date in Basque
Cal­cu­late the age of some­thing, in years
Graph­i­cal and tex­tual clocks for TeX and LaTeX
Sup­port for count­downs, and for clocks in any time­zone
Con­vert a date into a num­ber and vice versa
Macros for pars­ing date strings
Flex­i­ble date macros
Change for­mat of \to­day with com­mands for cur­rent time
Cal­cu­late day of week, phase of moon
Print time of day
UK for­mat dates, with week­day
Ac­cess and com­pare info and mod­i­fi­ca­tion dates
Pro­vides an­cient Greek day and month names, dates, etc
Tune the out­put for­mat of dates ac­cord­ing to lan­guage
Cal­en­dar date op­er­a­tions
Show the time of a LaTeX run
A tick­ing dig­i­tal clock pack­age for PDF out­put
De­fines a macro \now to print the cur­rent time
Print the time (12-hour clock)
Time print­ing, in Ger­man
Type­set date in a UK-ish form
Gen­er­ate "day of week"
Gen­er­ate the Ger­man week­day name for a date
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