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Topic short­cut

short­cuts when typ­ing

Sim­ple macros sup­port­ing abre­vi­a­tions for Plain and LaTeX
Ex­tra ac­cented char­ac­ter macros, de­signed for Ital­ian
Ger­man ab­bre­vi­a­tions us­ing thin space
De­fine maths "lig­a­tures"
Recog­nise un-es­caped com­mand names in maths
De­fine sim­ple macros for greek let­ters
Maths sym­bol ab­bre­vi­a­tions
Match pairs of dou­ble-quote char­ac­ters
Smart dou­ble quotes in LaTeX in­put
En­ables short­cut file im­port to the in­put tool Short­cut
Macros for Su­perSym­me­try-re­lated work
De­fine syn­tac­tic sugar for Uni­code LaTeX
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