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Bob Tennent

Ac­can­this fonts, with LaTeX sup­port
Ale­greya fonts with LaTeX sup­port
A Pre­pro­ces­sor that gen­er­ates note-spac­ing com­mands for MusiXTeX scores
(pdf)LaTeX sup­port for the Bi­olinum fam­ily of fonts
A hu­man­ist Sans Serif font, with LaTeX sup­port
Sup­port for the Caladea fam­ily of fonts
Sup­port for Car­l­ito sans-serif fonts
LaTeX sup­port for Cinzel and Cinzel Dec­o­ra­tive fonts
URW Clas­sico fonts
Clear Sans fonts with LaTeX sup­port
Cor­morant Gara­mond fam­ily of fonts
Crim­son fonts with LaTeX sup­port
Di­a­gram macros, us­ing pic­t2e
LaTeX sup­port for EBGara­mond fonts
Mini-fonts for fig­ured-bass no­ta­tion in mu­sic
Fira fonts with LaTeX sup­port
Gil­lius fonts with LaTeX sup­port
IM Fell English fonts with LaTeX sup­port
Use of Linux Lib­er­tine and Bi­olinum fonts with LaTeX
Linux Lib­er­tine fonts for (La)TeX and pdf(La)TeX users
(pdf)LaTeX sup­port for the Lib­er­tine fam­ily of fonts
LaTeX sup­port for the Li­bre Baskerville fam­ily of fonts
Li­bre Bodoni fonts with LaTeX sup­port
Li­bre Caslon fonts, with LaTeX sup­port
Lob­ster Two fonts, with sup­port for all LaTeX en­gines
Mer­ri­weather and Mer­ri­weath­erSans fonts, with LaTeX sup­port
LaTeX sup­port for Min­tSpirit font fam­i­lies
A pre­pro­ces­sor for pmx
So­phis­ti­cated mu­sic type­set­ting
Fonts used by MusixTeX
A MusiXTeX ex­ten­sion li­brary that en­ables trans­for­ma­tions of the ef­fect of notes com­mands
Sup­port for mul­ti­ple-weight font pack­ages
Sup­port for Noto fonts
Old Stan­dard: A Uni­code Font for Clas­si­cal and Medieval Stud­ies
Type 1 ver­sions of Old Stan­dard fonts with LaTeX sup­port
Over­look sans fonts with LaTeX sup­port
Play­fair Dis­play fonts with LaTeX sup­port
Pre­pro­ces­sor for MusiXTeX
In­ter­ac­tive ed­i­tor and macro sup­port for pre­req­ui­site charts
LaTeX sup­port for Qu­at­tro­cento and Qu­at­tro­cento Sans fonts
Sup­port for the Roboto fam­ily of fonts
Dummy TeX Live RPM for use with RHEL 6 and de­rived dis­tri­bu­tions
Dummy TeX Live RPM for use with RHEL 6 and de­rived dis­tri­bu­tions
Dummy TeX Live RPM for use with RHEL 7 and de­rived dis­tri­bu­tions
Univer­salis font, with sup­port
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