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Welcome to abc2mtex Version 1.6.1

The archived distribution of abc2mtex contains the following files
(which should all be available where you found this):-

README		-- this file

abc2mtex1.6.1.tar.gz	-- the whole package tarred and gzipped for UNIX users
Install.unix		-- how to install the UNIX version

abc2mtex.zip		-- the whole package zipped for PC users
Install.pc		-- how to install the PC version

MacABC1.6.1.hqx		-- the package and more hqx'ed for Mac users
				(note that the Mac distribution may lag behind
				 the rest and may not be the latest version)
OzTeX4ABC.hqx		-- all a Mac user needs from TeX to use MacABC
Install.mac		-- how to install the Mac version

INTRO.html		-- a hypertext introduction to abc
	(e.g. URL http://celtic.stanford.edu/pub/tunes/abc2mtex/INTRO.html)
INTRO.txt		-- an ascii version of the introduction to abc

usrguide.ps		-- a compiled PostScript version of the usrguide
abc.txt			-- the rules of abc notation in ascii
				(a cut down version of the usrguide)
Changes			-- changes between this version and version 1.5

If you want to try out the package, just download the appropiate
package and Install file (the documentation files are all included
as part of the package). If you just want to find out about abc
notation - a simple alphabetical music notation system - have
a look at the documentation (the INTRO is the best place to start).

	Chris Walshaw


Name Size Date Notes
Changes 1356 2001-08-20 22:02
INTRO.html 1713 2001-08-20 22:02
INTRO.txt 1458 2001-08-20 22:02
In­stall.mac 3269 2001-08-20 22:02
In­stall.pc 3051 2001-08-20 22:02
In­stall.unix 2911 2001-08-20 22:02
MacABC1.6.1.hqx 698750 2001-08-20 22:03
OzTeX4ABC.hqx 3074479 2001-08-20 22:07
README 1506 2001-08-20 22:07
abc.txt 18995 2001-08-20 22:07
abc2m­tex.zip 249565 2001-08-20 22:07
abc2m­tex1.6.1.tar.gz 95281 2001-08-20 22:08
us­r­guide.pdf 103430 2008-09-17 09:09

abc2m­tex – No­tate tunes stored in ABC no­ta­tion

A pack­age to no­tate tunes stored in an ascii for­mat (abc no­ta­tion, com­monly used to no­tate tra­di­tional mu­sic). One of the most im­por­tant aims of ABC no­ta­tion, and per­haps one that dis­tin­guishes it from most, if not all, com­puter-read­able mu­si­cal lan­guages is that it can be eas­ily read by hu­mans. The pack­age pro­duces files that can be pro­cessed with Mu­sicTeX.

Pack­age De­tailsabc2m­tex
Home pagehttp://www.wal­shaw.plus.com/abc/
Li­censeDo Not Sell Ex­cept by Ar­range­ment
Main­tainerChris Wal­shaw
Topics type­set­ting mu­sic and re­lated stuff
im­port files in a non-TeX (or dif­fer­ent TeX) for­mat
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