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		      A Preprocessor for MusicTeX
		  by Don Simons (dsimons@logicon.com)
       PMTeX will generate MusicTeX code for multi-staff scores with up to 
  five staves (or voices) per system.  Once it makes a .tex file for you, 
  you will probably want or need to change a few things manually.  This is 
  because (a) PMTeX only has a small subset of the capabilities of 
  MusicTeX, and (b) PMTeX is not perfect.  But it can save a LOT of time 
  with the grunge work involved in setting up notes...enotes groupings, 
  defining beams, justifying lines, and spreading the entire piece evenly 
  over a specified number of systems.


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Patch 822 1995-02-27 21:31
README 668 1995-03-02 01:00
pm­tex.zip 26774 1995-03-02 01:00

pm­tex – Pre­pro­ces­sor for Mu­sicTeX

PMTeX is the Mu­sicTeX pre­de­ces­sor of pmx (by the same au­thor).

Pack­age De­tailspm­tex
Li­censeFree li­cense not oth­er­wise listed, or more than one free li­cense ap­plies
Main­tainerDon Si­mons
Topics type­set­ting mu­sic and re­lated stuff
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