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This is a pretty printer similar to 4bsd's "vgrind" except it uses
TeX instead of troff.  It was written by Van Jacobson of Lawrence
Berkeley Laboratory (van@lbl-rtsg.arpa).

To install it:

 (1) Decide where you want to put the program (I suggest /usr/local).
 (2) Move the entire contents of either ./BSD or ./SYS_V into this
	working directory, or wherever you want to work on the

 (3) Edit "Makefile":
       set DESTDIR to the program destination directory.
	 (the tgrind shell script, tgrind.sh, will go here.  Also
	 the formatting program, tfontedpr, will go into the "lib"
	 subdirectory of DESTDIR, e.g., /usr/local/lib).
       set TEXINPUTS to the pathname of your TeX "\input" directory
	 (the TeX macro file "tgrindmac.tex" will get put here).
       set DEFSFILE to the pathname of your vgrind language definitions
	 file.  If you're running 4.2bsd, this is "/usr/lib/vgrindefs".
	 Both vgrind & tgrind can use the same file.  A vgrindefs file
	 that has been updated considerably since the 4.2 distribution
	 is included in this directory ("vgrindefs.src").

  (4) Edit "tgrind.sh":
       Put the pathname for tfontedpr in the "set b=" statement.
       Put the pathname for TeX in the "set tex=" statement.
       Look at the comments about output routing & do whatever you
	 think is appropriate.

  (5) Type "make install".

Good luck.  Please let me know of any problems, enhancements, suggestions, etc.



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Name Size Date Notes
README 1451 1992-08-30 02:00
make­file 762 1992-08-30 02:00
reg­exp.c 13596 1992-08-30 02:00
retest.c 1064 1992-08-30 02:00
tfont­edpr.c 15969 1992-08-30 02:00
tgrind.1 2386 1992-08-30 02:00
tgrind.sh 1976 1992-08-30 02:00
tgrind­mac.tex 6218 1992-08-30 02:00
vgrindefs.c 5882 1992-08-30 02:00
vgrindefs.src 5345 1992-08-30 02:00

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tgrind – Pro­duce beau­ti­ful pro­gram list­ings us­ing plain TeX

This is a pretty printer sim­i­lar to 4bsd's "vgrind" ex­cept it uses TeX in­stead of troff.

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