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The al­go­rith­mic style you al­ways wanted
Sim­ple con­ver­sion of C pro­grams to LaTeX
Pass ver­ba­tim con­tents through a com­piler and rein­cor­po­rate the re­sult­ing out­put
Type­set Python, C and Pas­cal pro­grams
Type­set C pro­grams
Doc­u­men­ta­tion sup­port for C, Java and as­sem­bler code
Type­set ex­am­ples for TeX courses
Ver­ba­tim phrases and list­ings in LaTeX
Print For­tran pro­grams
In­clude TeX files as graph­ics (.tex sup­port for \in­clude­graph­ics)
Con­verts source code to syn­tax high­lighted TeX or LaTeX
Doc­u­ment­ing source code
A re­place­ment for LaTeX's ver­ba­tim pack­age
De­mon­strate LaTeX code with its re­sult­ing out­put
Pro­duce beau­ti­ful list­ings of source code with LaTeX
Pro­duce for­mat­ted pro­gram list­ings
Al­most-ver­ba­tim list pro­grams
Type­set source code list­ings us­ing LaTeX
Au­to­mated in­put of source
Al­low UTF-8 in list­ings in­put
Add-on pack­ages for list­ings: au­to­gob­ble and line back­ground
List­ings lan­guage driver for Bayesian mod­el­ing lan­guages
Pretty-print Mat­lab source code
Type­set doc­u­ment out­line with metainfo
Type­set method and vari­able dec­la­ra­tions
Pretty-print source
High­lighted source code for LaTeX
De­fine your own ver­ba­tim-like en­vi­ron­ment
Min­imis­ing markup for doc­u­ment­ing LaTeX pack­ages
Print a block of code, with unique in­dex num­ber
Type­set pro­grams, recog­nis­ing key­words
Type­set­ting pro­grams and al­go­rithms
Type­set PSTricks ex­am­ples, with code
Use Pyg­ments to for­mat code list­ings in doc­u­ments
Type­set SAS or R code or out­put
Pret­typrint­ing Su­perCol­lider source code
Type­set­ting LaTeX source code
A pretty-printer for Scheme code in TeX doc­u­ments
Type­set Smalltalk pro­gram frag­ments
Doc/doc­strip for tcl
Coloured boxes, for LaTeX ex­am­ples and the­o­rems, etc
Type­set pro­gram list­ings
Us­ing the Pyg­ments high­lighter in LaTeX
Pro­duce beau­ti­ful pro­gram list­ings us­ing plain TeX
Sup­port tgrind in LaTeX 2.09
Pretty print C/C++/Java source code us­ing LaTeX
Type­set­ting VDM in ASCII syn­tax
VERBa­tim Au­to­matic Split­ting of Ex­ter­nal Files
Syn­tax high­light­ing of source code in LaTeX doc­u­ments
In­clude CWEB and/or Spi­dery WEB LaTeX
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