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CTAN package update: Eplain 3.1

Date: December 5, 2006 12:56:29 PM CET
The package described below has been updated on CTAN. Thanks for the contribution, Jim Hefferon .................................................................. Name of contribution: Eplain 3.1 My name: Oleg Katsitadze My email: olegkat at gmail.com Summary description: Release 3.1 of Eplain License: Mostly public domain, some contributions GPL CTAN location: macros/eplain Announcement: Eplain is a set of TeX macros that expands on and extends the definitions in plain TeX in a "style-neutral" fashion. The areas addressed by the Eplain macros include: commutative or arrow-theoretic diagrams; verbatim listings; table of contents; indexing; bibliographies with BibTeX; cross-references; double-, triple-, quadruple-columns; hypertext links (pdfTeX, dvipdfm and HyperTeX are supported); and loading (a few) LaTeX packages under plain TeX. For more info please visit http://www.tug.org/eplain . News for this (3.1) release: General: * Rearranged the distro to comply with TDS. * Distro now includes PDF, HTML and INFO versions of the manual. * Removed etex.tex. LaTeX packages under Eplain: * When reloading LaTeX packages, warn and skip reloading, instead of giving an error. Suggested by Dan Luecking. * The primitive \input is now restored after loading LaTeX packages. * Added more "LaTeX" defs needed by: the `draft' option to graphic{s,x}.sty; warnings from epstopdf.sty when graphics.sty is not loaded. Hyperlinks: * Added the `hypertex' driver, and made it the default driver. * Made footnote hyperlinks off by default. * Added the \href macro. Suggested by Dorai Sitaram. * LABEL argument of the hyperlink macros now allow special characters like # and ~ (useful for URLs). Suggested by Dorai Sitaram. * Fixed a hyperlink-related bug in equation macros. * Fixed a bug in the `nolinks' driver. * Added \writenumberedtocline macro, which is \writenumberedtocentry with permuted parameters. Suggested by Dorai Sitaram. * Hyperlink macros now ignore leading spaces in option lists. * All hyperlink macros now report errors until links are enabled. Cross-references, TOC and indexing: * Added warnings about multiply defined xref labels. Suggested by Tomas Penicka. * Fixed \definexref to (once again) ignore following spaces. * Indexing macros now read TERM, SUBTERM and SEE... arguments verbatim, to allow special characters and catcode changes. Suggested by Dorai Sitaram. * Extended the TOC macros: when given an integer for the type of a TOC entry, they write \tocentry{NUM}... to the .toc file. Suggested by Dorai Sitaram. Programming defs: * Added \ifinteger and \isinteger macros. * Added \For loop which strips off leading spaces from items. Manual: * Added demo subdir with demo files, and added new chapter `Demo files' to the manual. * Documented \ifempty, the extended \loop macro, and the new macros. * Many small improvements and additions to the manual. Other: * Added new \nolastlinelisting listing hook which omits the last (empty) line of the file. _______________________________________________ Ctan mailing list Ctan at dante.de https://lists.dante.de/mailman/listinfo/ctan

eplain – Extended plain macros

An extended version of the plain format, adding support for bibliographies, tables of contents, enumerated lists, verbatim input of files, numbered equations, tables, two-column output, footnotes, hyperlinks in PDF output and commutative diagrams.

Eplain can also load some of the more useful packages, notably graphics, graphicx (an extended version of graphics), color, autopict (a package instance of the picture code), psfrag, and url.

Version3.13 2022-10-16
MaintainerKarl Berry
Oleg Katsitadze (inactive)
Dorai Sitaram (inactive)



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