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o81 https://hse.microsoftcrmportals.com/forums/general-discussion/e354ec85-b3d7-ee11-a81c-000d3a6813a6 https://www.mohairdumas.com/group/mysite-231-group/discussion/cfc3b601-476b-46dc-9492-561a5fb7e1c1 https://github.com/DUNE-PART-TWO-s-Ending-Explained/DUNE-PART-TWO-s-Ending-Explained.git https://github.com/The-Sinister-Evolution/Who-Played-Wednesday-Addams-/pull/1 https://sombah.substack.com/p/dune-part-two-s-ending-explained https://penzu.com/p/f581e294e9db30df https://penzu.com/p/9592481354db59c0
alasanbae, 2024-03-03 11:47 CET

An Ancient Pond

an ancient pond a frog jumps in the splash of water
Olorin, 2024-02-13 02:48 CET


cheers from kurdefajacrew
none, 2024-02-12 10:48 CET

hellow world

mustard flowers bloom awhorl come may
mika, 2024-02-10 22:57 CET


foo, 2024-02-10 08:43 CET


\documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{lingmacros} \usepackage{tree-dvips} \begin{document}

\section*{Notes for My Paper}

Don't forget to include examples of topicalization. They look like this:

{\small \enumsentence{Topicalization from sentential subject:\  \shortex{7}{a John$_i$ [a & kltukl & [el & {\bf l-}oltoir & er & ngii$_i$ & a Mary]]} { & {\bf R-}clear & {\sc comp} & {\bf IR}.{\sc 3s}-love & P & him & } {John, (it's) clear that Mary loves (him).}} }

\subsection*{How to handle topicalization}

I'll just assume a tree structure like (\ex{1}).

{\small \enumsentence{Structure of A$'$ Projections:\ [2ex] \begin{tabular}[t]{cccc} & \node{i}{CP}\ [2ex] \node{ii}{Spec} & &\node{iii}{C$'$}\ [2ex] &\node{iv}{C} & & \node{v}{SAgrP} \end{tabular} \nodeconnect{i}{ii} \nodeconnect{i}{iii} \nodeconnect{iii}{iv} \nodeconnect{iii}{v} } }


Mood changes when there is a topic, as well as when there is WH-movement. \emph{Irrealis} is the mood when there is a non-subject topic or WH-phrase in Comp. \emph{Realis} is the mood when there is a subject topic or WH-phrase.


anonymous, 2024-02-10 08:42 CET


anonymous, 2024-02-10 08:40 CET


anonymous, 2024-02-10 08:39 CET


walt disney was a nazi
anonymous, 2024-02-10 08:38 CET


anonymous, 2024-02-10 08:37 CET


anonymous, 2024-02-10 08:35 CET

convert text/word to structured/restructed text/schema

Designing a perfect schema for a dating app involves considering various factors such as user profiles, preferences, interactions, messaging, and privacy. Below is a basic schema outline that covers essential components for a dating app:

1. **User Profile Table**: - UserID (Primary Key) - Username - Email - Password (hashed) - Gender - Date of Birth - Location - Bio - Profile Picture - Last Active Timestamp - Account Creation Timestamp - Other relevant user attributes

2. **User Preferences Table**: - UserID (Foreign Key) - Min Age Preference - Max Age Preference - Gender Preference - Location Preference - Other relevant preferences

3. **Interactions Table**: - InteractionID (Primary Key) - UserID (Foreign Key) - LikedUserID (Foreign Key) - Type (Like, Dislike, Super Like, Match, etc.) - Timestamp

4. **Messages Table**: - MessageID (Primary Key) - SenderUserID (Foreign Key) - ReceiverUserID (Foreign Key) - Message Content - Timestamp - Status (Read, Unread, Deleted, etc.)

5. **Matches Table**: - MatchID (Primary Key) - UserID1 (Foreign Key) - UserID2 (Foreign Key) - Timestamp

6. **Blocked Users Table**: - UserID (Foreign Key) - BlockedUserID (Foreign Key) - Timestamp

7. **Reported Users Table**: - ReportID (Primary Key) - ReporterUserID (Foreign Key) - ReportedUserID (Foreign Key) - Reason - Timestamp

8. **Notifications Table**: - NotificationID (Primary Key) - UserID (Foreign Key) - Notification Content - Timestamp - Status (Read, Unread)

9. **Subscription/Payment Table (if applicable)**: - SubscriptionID (Primary Key) - UserID (Foreign Key) - SubscriptionType - Start Date - End Date - Payment Status

10. **Activity Log Table**: - LogID (Primary Key) - UserID (Foreign Key) - Activity Type (Login, Logout, Profile Update, etc.) - Timestamp

vineet singh, 2024-02-07 17:30 CET

convert text/word to structured/restructed text/schema

+---------------------------------------------------+ | ÉVOLUTION HISTORIQUE | | DU DROIT DES AFFAIRES AU MAROC | +---------------------------------------------------+ | V +-------------------------+ | 1. Période Précoloniale | | - Systèmes traditionnels de commerce | | - Influences islamiques sur les contrats | +-------------------------+ | V +-------------------------+ | 2. Période Coloniale | | - Introduction du Code de commerce | | - Adaptations aux normes françaises | +-------------------------+ | V +-------------------------+ | 3. Indépendance (1956) | | - Réformes législatives pour moderniser | | le cadre juridique des affaires | +-------------------------+ | V +-------------------------+ | 4. Années 90 à Aujourd'hui | | - Ouverture économique et libéralisation | | du marché | | - Réformes visant l'attractivité pour | | les investisseurs nationaux et étrangers| +-------------------------+
Evolution historique du droit des affaires au maroc , 2024-02-04 18:41 CET


jimmy loof, 2023-12-08 14:59 CET

convert text/word to structured/restructed text/schema

I am looking for a tool for custom web application and software development requirements or specifications documents and conversion or transformation of the requirements or specifications documents to structured or restructured text or schema and I visited miktex.org and you are one of the contacts or links.
nojo, 2023-12-06 16:40 CET

reg mcexam package

Dear team, am using mcexam package for generating question paper but i dont know to call quesion from database .tex file.kind;y guide us
sheik , 2023-12-05 09:59 CET

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