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Date: Fe­bru­ary 28, 2007 7:35:20 AM CET
The pack­age be­low has been up­dated at tug.ctan.org and should soon be at your fa­vorite mir­ror. Thanks, Jim Hef­feron Saint Michael's Col­lege ....................................................................... The fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion was pro­vided by our fel­low con­trib­u­tor: Name of con­tri­bu­tion: list­ings Author's name: Brooks Moses Lo­ca­tion on CTAN: /macros/la­tex/con­trib/list­ings Sum­mary de­scrip­tion: Type­set source code list­ings us­ing LaTeX Li­cense type: lppl An­nounce­ment text:
Type­set pro­grams (pro­gram­ming code) within LaTeX. The source code is read di­rectly by TeX. Key­words, com­ments and strings can be type­set us­ing dif­fer­ent styles. NOTE: The orig­i­nal au­thor of this pack­age, Carsten Heinz, be­came in­ac­tive some­time in late 2004. Hen­dri Adri­aens took over main­te­nance of the pack­age in ac­cor­dance with the LPPL's pro­ce­dure for aban­doned pack­age's. He then passed the main­tain­er­ship of the pack­age to Brooks Moses, who had vol­un­teered for the po­si­tion while this pro­ce­dure was go­ing through. This re­lease, ver­sion 1.4, is the first ma­jor bug­fix re­lease in nearly three years, and con­tains fixes for a num­ber of mi­nor bugs and pack­age con­flicts, as well as some new func­tion­al­ity: * Many small im­prove­ments to the doc­u­men­ta­tion. * Short in­line list­ings, like so: |i = 1 + 2;|. * A new flex­i­ble-col­umn op­tion which only stretches ex­ist­ing spaces. * A new string type with multi-char­ac­ter de­lim­iters. * An op­tion to turn off by-chap­ter num­ber­ing of list­ing cap­tions. * Bet­ter in­te­gra­tion with KOMAscript and AMS doc­u­ment classes. * Sev­eral new lan­guage def­i­ni­tions.
This pack­age is lo­cated at http://tug.ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/la­tex/con­trib/list­ings . More in­for­ma­tion is at http://tug.ctan.org/cgi-bin/ctanPack­ageIn­for­ma­tion.py?id=list­ings (if the pack­age is new it may take a day for that in­for­ma­tion to ap­pear). We are sup­ported by the TeX Users Group http://www.tug.org . Please join a users group; see http://www.tug.org/user­groups.html .

list­ings – Type­set source code list­ings us­ing

The pack­age en­ables the user to type­set pro­grams (pro­gram­ming code) within ; the source code is read di­rectly by —no front-end pro­ces­sor is needed. Key­words, com­ments and strings can be type­set us­ing dif­fer­ent styles (de­fault is bold for key­words, italic for com­ments and no spe­cial style for strings). Sup­port for hy­per­ref is pro­vided.

To use, \usep­a­ck­age{list­ings}, iden­tify the lan­guage of the ob­ject to type­set, us­ing a con­struct like: \lst­set{lan­guage=Python}, then use en­vi­ron­ment lstlist­ing for in­line code. Ex­ter­nal files may be for­mat­ted us­ing \lstin­put­list­ing to pro­cess a given file in the form ap­pro­pri­ate for the cur­rent lan­guage. Short (in-line) list­ings are also avail­able, us­ing ei­ther \lstin­line|...| or |...| (af­ter defin­ing the | to­ken with the \lstMakeShortIn­line com­mand).

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