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Date: July 1, 2015 4:35:47 PM CEST
Bob Ten­nent sub­mit­ted an up­date to the au­tosp pack­age. Ver­sion num­ber: 2015-06-29 Li­cense type: gpl2 Sum­mary de­scrip­tion: A Pre­pro­ces­sor that gen­er­ates note-spac­ing com­mands for MusiXTeX scores. An­nounce­ment text:
Sev­eral mi­nor im­prove­ments and cor­rec­tions. Also in­cluded in the pack­age is a small util­ity re­bar that reads a MusiXTeX source from stan­dard in­put and gen­er­ates a copy to stan­dard out­put with cor­rect bar-num­ber com­ments of the form %barno ap­pended to \bar, \alaligne, etc.
This pack­age is lo­cated at http://mir­ror.ctan.org/sup­port/au­tosp More in­for­ma­tion is at http://www.ctan.org/pkg/au­tosp We are sup­ported by the TeX Users Group http://www.tug.org . Please join a users group; see http://www.tug.org/user­groups.html .
Thanks for the up­load. For the CTAN Team Man­fred Lotz

au­tosp – A Pre­pro­ces­sor that gen­er­ates note-spac­ing com­mands for MusiX scores

This pro­gram sim­pli­fies the cre­ation of MusiX scores by con­vert­ing (non-stan­dard) com­mands of the form \an­otes ... \en into one or more con­ven­tional note-spac­ing com­mands, as de­ter­mined by the note val­ues them­selves, with \sk spac­ing com­mands in­serted as nec­es­sary. The cod­ing for an en­tire mea­sure can be en­tered one part at a time, with­out con­cern for note-spac­ing changes within the part or spac­ing re­quire­ments of other parts.

For ex­am­ple, \an­otes\qa J\qa K&\ca l\qa m\ca n\en gen­er­ates \Notes\qa J\sk\qa K\sk&\ca l\qa m\sk\ca n\en .

Ver­sion 2018-02-23
Main­tainerBob Ten­nent



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