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Date: July 16, 2022 6:32:44 PM CEST
Alain Matthes submitted an update to the tkz-euclide package. Version: 4.2c License: lppl1.3 Summary description: Tools for drawing Euclidean geometry Announcement text:
Except for bug fixes, this version 4.2 is the last one of tkz-euclide in the current form. I can now try to use lua for the definition and calculation part. The first tests are conclusive but there will surely be some difficulties to overcome. Either tkz-euclide will be upgraded to version 5, or will change its name, or in case of failure will remain globally frozen. Here are the changes brought by this new version: _ tkz-euclide now allows to create more and more complex geometrical figures and it appeared that it became difficult to use the "scale" option of TikZ. I introduced a patch proposed by Muzimuzhi that modifies \pgfmathreciprocal. I propose in the documentation other ways to get around the problem. Of course, lua will be one of the solutions. _ The macros \tkzDrawLine, \tkzDrawCircle, \tkzDrawSemiCircle, \tkzDrawSquare, \tkzDrawTriangle and \tkzDrawRectangle allow you to draw while defining points. This is no longer allowed. For example \tkzDrawSquare(A,B) used to draw a square by defining two other points, now the method consists in defining the square then drawing the polygon: \tkzdefSquare(A,B) \tkzgetPoints{C}{D} \tkzDrawPloygon(A,...,D). In the same way, \tkzDrawCircle[circum](A,B,C) must be replaced by \tkzDefCircle[circum](A,B,C) \tkzGetPoint{O} \tkzDrawCircle[circum](O,A). \tkzDrawTriangle has been deleted. \tkzDrawTriangle[equilateral] was handy but it is better to get the third point with \tkzDefTriangle[equilateral] and then draw with \tkzDrawPolygon; idem for \tkzDrawSquare and \tkzDrawGoldRectangle etc. _ Now \tkzDefCircle gives two points as results: the center of the circle and a point of the circle. When a point of the circle is known, it is enough to use \tkzGetPoint or \tkzGetFirstPoint to get the center, otherwise \tkzGetPoints will give you the center and a point of the circle. You can always get the length of the radius with \tkzGetLength . I wanted to favor working with nodes and banish the appearance of numbers in the code. _ The circle inversion was badly defined so I rewrote the macro. _ The definition of a circle defines in priority the center (if necessary), a point of the circle and the radius. _ The following macros \tkzDefCircleBy[orthogonal through] and \tkzDefCircleBy[orthogonal from] become \tkzDefCircle[orthogonal through] and \tkzDefCircle[orthogonal from] _ The new option "euler" with \tkzDefLine[euler](A,B,C) is a macro that allows you to obtain the line of \tkzname{Euler} when possible. The result gives you the Euler point and the orthocenter of the triangle. _ \tkzDefTangent is replaced by \tkzDelLine[tangent from = ...] or \tkzDelLine[tangent at = ...] _ I added the macro tkzPicAngle[tikz options](A,B,C) for those who prefer to use \TIKZ\ . _ Correct allocation for gold sublime and euclide triangles. — Correct option "isoceles right" in \tkzDefTriangle _ add \tkzDefMidArc: \tkzDefMidArc(O,A,B) gives the middle of the arc center O from A to B. _ Some useful tools have been added. They are present on an experimental basis and will undoubtedly need to be improved (with lua !): \tkzDotProduct(A,B,C) computes the scalar product in an orthogonal reference system of the vectors vec{AB} and vec{AC}. \tkzDotProduct(A,B,C)=aa'+bb' if vec{AB} =(a,b) and vec{AC} =(a',b'). \tkzPowerCircle(A)(B,C) power of point A with respect to the circle of center B passing through C. \tkzDefRadicalAxis(A,B)(C,D) Radical axis of two circles of center A and C; Some tests : \tkzIsOrtho(A,B,C) and \tkzIsLinear(A,B,C) The first indicates whether the lines (A,B) and (A,C) are orthogonal. The second indicates whether the points A, B and C are aligned. \tkzIsLinear(A,B,C) if A,B,C are aligned then \tkzLineartrue you can use \iftkzLinear (idem for \tkzIsOrtho); _ A style for vectors has been added that you can of course modify \tikzset{vector style/.style={>=Latex,->}}. _ Now it's possible to add an arrow on a line or a circle with the option "tkz arrow" _ correction compatibility between tkz-base and tkz-euclide
The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at https://ctan.org/pkg/tkz-euclide The package’s files themselves can be inspected at https://mirrors.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/tkz/tkz-euclide/
Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Petra Rübe-Pugliese
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tkz-euclide – Tools for drawing Euclidean geometry

The tkz-euclide package is a set of files designed to give math teachers and students easy access to the programming of Euclidean geometry with TikZ.

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