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Date: May 20, 2010 3:06:49 PM CEST
a while back, Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard, uploaded a bunch of packages for the luatex area of ctan. i now finally get around to announcing them (all but luainputenc and luamplib, whose changes were pretty small...). the uploads comprised: Luatexbase: The bundle provides basic facilities for LuaTeX macro programmers, mostly resource allocation and convenience packages. Provided are: * luatexbase-regs: allocation of registers and the like; * luatexbase-loader: Lua module loading; * luatexbase-attr: attribute allocation; * luatexbase-cctb: catcode table allocation; * luatexbase-modutils: Lua module declaration; and * luatexbase-compat: compatibility helpers; * luatexbase-mcb: register many functions in a callback. location on ctan: http://mirror.ctan.org/macros/luatex/generic/luatexbase/ catalogue entry: http://mirror.ctan.org/help/Catalogue/entries/luatexbase.html Lualibs: Lualibs is a collection of Lua modules useful for general programming. The bundle is based on lua modules shipped with ConTeXt, and made available in this bundle for use independent of ConTeXt. location on ctan: http://mirror.ctan.org/macros/luatex/generic/lualibs/ catalogue entry: http://mirror.ctan.org/help/Catalogue/entries/lualibs.html Luatextra: Two essential part of this package have been moved to the new packages luatexbase (basic facilities for programmers) and lualibs (lua modules for general programming), which are now loaded by this package. It also provides additional user-level goodies, as well as complements to luatexbase-mcb. location on ctan: http://mirror.ctan.org/macros/luatex/generic/luatextra/ catalogue entry: http://mirror.ctan.org/help/Catalogue/entries/luatextra.html Luaotfload: * using the new luatexbase package * synchronizing with latest ConTeXt stable 2010.05.08 * adding support for microtypography * adding support for color and transparency * adding a script to generate a font database with TeX and system fonts * more verbose log file location on ctan: http://mirror.ctan.org/macros/luatex/generic/luaotfload/ catalogue entry: http://mirror.ctan.org/help/Catalogue/entries/luaotfload.html apart from the catalogue entry for luatextra (still propagating), all this lot will be up-to-date on all mirrors by now. Robin Fairbairns For the CTAN team

luaotfload – OpenType ‘loader’ for Plain and

The package adopts the TrueType/OpenType Font loader code provided in Cont, and adapts it to use in Plain and . It works under Lua only.

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