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Date: January 10, 2021 1:39:39 PM CET
The LaTeX Team submitted an update to the latex-base-dev bundle. Version: 2021-05-01 pre-release 1 License: lppl1.3c Summary description: Development pre-release of the LaTeX kernel Announcement text:
In addition to LaTeX2e 2020-10-01 patch level 4, this pre-release features the following changes: 2020-12-22 Frank Mittelbach <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org> * ltfssaxes.dtx (subsection{Changing to a new series}): Distangle series and shape update by delaying the font series and font shape merging (gh/444) Move the rollback info for \normalshape after its main definition otherwise it will not be undone (gh/458) 2020-12-22 Frank Mittelbach <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org> * ltfsstrc.dtx (subsection{General font loading}): Alter \selectfont to do the delayed merging of font series and font shape (gh/444) 2020-12-27 Frank Mittelbach <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org> * letter.dtx (subsubsection{Page breaking control}): The \opening argument was splitting name and address using \\ but did not allow to use \\[...] for this (gh/427) 2020-12-10 Frank Mittelbach <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org> * ltbibl.dtx (section{Bibliography Generation}): Delay any \cs{nocite} in the preamble instead of raising an error (gh/424) 2020-12-06 Johannes Braams <Johannes.Braams at latex-project.org> * miscelaneous files: gh/428, gh/429 and gh/430 list a number of typing mistakes and missing documentation that have crept in over the years. The following files were affected and have been corrected: alltt.dtx, classes.dtx, doc.dtx, docstrip.dtx, fix-cm.dtx, fontdef.dtx, ifthen.dtx, inputenc.dtx, latex209.dtx, latexrelease.dtx, ltbibl.dtx, ltboxes.dtx, ltclass.dtx, ltcntrl.dtx, ltcounts.dtx, ltdefns.dtx, ltdirchk.dtx, ltexpl.dtx, ltfilehook.dtx, ltfiles.dtx, ltfinal.dtx, ltfloat.dtx, ltfntcmd.dtx, ltfssaxes.dtx, ltfssbas.dtx, ltfsscmp.dtx, ltfssdcl.dtx, ltfssini.dtx, ltfsstrc.dtx, lthooks.dtx, ltlength.dtx, ltlists.dtx, ltluatex.dtx, ltmath.dtx, ltmiscen.dtx, ltoutenc.dtx, ltoutput.dtx, ltpage.dtx, ltpageno.dtx, ltpictur.dtx, ltplain.dtx, ltsect.dtx, ltshipout.dtx, lttextcomp.dtx, ltvers.dtx, ltxdoc.dtx, ltxref.dtx, nfssfont.dtx, proc.dtx, slides.dtx, utf8ienc.dtx. 2020-12-04 Frank Mittelbach <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org> * ltfilehook.dtx (subsection{Declaring a file substitution}): Don't drop file substitution declarations when rolling back just render them no-ops 2020-12-04 Frank Mittelbach <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org> Add a hook to \selectfont to be executed after the switch to the new font. This implements the functionality formerly in the everysel package. 2020-12-04 Frank Mittelbach <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org> * ltfinal.dtx (subsection{File substitutions}): Emulate everysel package 2020-12-04 Frank Mittelbach <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org> * ltfssini.dtx (subsection{Miscellaneous}): Setting up \f at series and \f at shape default values directly (gh/444) 2020-11-23 Frank Mittelbach <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org> * ltshipout.dtx: Check for both kernel and user hooks and execute if either is non-empty (gh/431)} 2020-10-26 Frank Mittelbach <Frank.Mittelbach at latex-project.org> * ltmiscen.dtx (subsection{Environments}): \enddocument should always start out in vmode (gh/385)
The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at https://ctan.org/pkg/latex-base-dev The package’s files themselves can be inspected at http://mirror.ctan.org/macros/latex-dev/base/
Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Petra Rübe-Pugliese
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latex-base-dev – Development pre-release of the kernel

This package provides a testing release for upcoming kernel changes. Testing by the team itself suggests that the code is stable and usable, but wider use by knowledgeable users is required by adding these changes to the release kernel. Typically, the code here will be used by a system to create dedicated formats, for example pdflatex-dev, which can then be used explicitly for testing.

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