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CTAN Up­date: bibla­tex-gb7714-2015

Date: July 5, 2017 9:12:32 PM CEST
Hu Zhen­zhen sub­mit­ted an up­date to the bibla­tex-gb7714-2015 pack­age. Ver­sion: 1.0h 2017-04-11 Li­cense: lp­pl1.3 Sum­mary de­scrip­tion: A BibLaTeX im­ple­men­ta­tion of the GBT7714-2015 bib­li­og­ra­phy style for Chi­nese users An­nounce­ment text:
### date of change: 2017-04-11 to ver­sion v1.0h, the last ver­sion sup­port texlive2015 * Changes to pkg code: - "*.bbx": deal com­pat­i­bil­ity prob­lem of au­thor style for texlive2017, be­cause the old cmd print­da­te­ex­tral­a­bel with bibla­tex3.4 has been re­placed by print­la­bel­da­te­ex­tra with bibla­tex3.7 in texlive2017. - "*.bbx": change the seper­a­tor be­tween multi-lan­guage ref­er­ence text form cmd par to cmd new­line for the gb7714-2015 align style - "*.bbx": fix a flaw re­ported by Lee Zeping. re­move the comma be­tween journalti­tle and (num­ber) when the vol­ume is un­de­fined. - "*.bbx": add an op­tion gbpub to con­trol the pub­lish­ing info. if gbpub=false, pub­lish­ing info's for­mat is the bibla­tex stan­dard style, oth­er­wise is gb7714-2015 style. The ori­gin idea comes from Wayne08. - "*.bbx": fix a flaw re­ported by zjs­dut at 163.com. re­move the dot be­fore url when url is the only info avail­able。 - "*.bbx": add an op­tion gb­noau­thor for au­thor-year style. when au­thor is un­de­fined, set op­tion gb­noau­thor=true then au­thor with "佚名"or"NOAUTHOR" will be de­fined. note that with bibla­tex ver­sion 3.7 or higher for mul­ti­ple De­clareStyleSourcemap sup­port, code can be sim­plifed, be­cause the re­al­iza­tion code now with texlive2016(bibla­tex 3.4) is sub­jected to the one De­clareStyleSourcemap con­straint. * Changes to doc­u­men­ta­tion: - bibla­tex-gb7714-2015.tex: re­vise this doc­u­ment - *.bib: cor­rect a warn­ing which is caused by long multi-line url info.
The pack­age’s Cat­a­logue en­try can be viewed at https://ctan.org/pkg/bibla­tex-gb7714-2015 The pack­age’s files them­selves can be in­spected at http://mir­ror.ctan.org/macros/la­tex/con­trib/bibla­tex-con­trib/bibla­tex-gb7714-2015/
Thanks for the up­load. For the CTAN Team Pe­tra Rübe-Pugliese
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