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Date: February 19, 2024 8:58:28 AM CET
Vít Starý Novotný submitted an update to the markdown package. Version: 3.4.1-0-g457226ae 2024-02-16 License: lppl1.3c Summary description: Converting and rendering markdown documents inside TeX Announcement text:
Below, I list a summary of changes between versions 3.0.0-alpha (2023-06-27) and 3.4.1 (2024-02-16). Development: - Complied with CommonMark 0.30 and incremented `grammar_version` to `3`. - Added support for TeX-like rich paragraphs, universal (cross-format) themes, Pandoc syntax extensions, and introduced universal themes. - Introduced support for attributes on tables, enhanced token renderer definitions, and bulk redefinition capabilities in the `\markdownSetup` command. - Added a demo of using the Markdown package in OpTeX, and introduced `singletonCache` and `contentLevel` Lua options. Fixes: - Improved paragraph parsing to correctly handle trailing spaces and paragraphs within markdown documents. - Enhanced list and table support, allowing tables inside lists and fixing issues with fancy lists and roman numeral markers. - Made Pandoc syntax extensions `tex_single_backslash_math` and `tex_double_backslash_math` robust against extra spaces. - Fixed multiple issues with attributes, headings parsing, emphasis in headings, and compatibility with jgm/pandoc. Deprecation: - Deprecated `\markdownInfo`, `\markdownWarning`, and `\markdownError` in favor of l3msg functions. - Deprecated the `markdown*` LaTeX environment and support for LuaMetaTeX. Documentation: - Added links to talks, theses, and articles to enhance documentation discoverability. - Improved the user manual to encourage alternatives to the `hybrid` option and document setting up catcodes in Lua. Docker: - Introduced and expanded Docker support, including TeX Live 2024 pretest support. - Included developer tools in the development Docker image and made adjustments to Docker configuration. Libraries and Contributed Software: - Updated `tinyyaml` to v0.4.4. - Made changes to the contributed software repository, including the removal of `contributions/istqb_latex` and addition of `contributions/37c3-beamer`. Default Renderer Prototypes: - Adjusted default renderer prototypes for handling headings, lists, and math renderer prototypes in LaTeX/ConTeXt. - Corrected typesetting of level four and five headings in LaTeX and optimized fancy list labels and indentation. Unit Tests and Continuous Integration: - Overhauled the unit testing framework from Bash to Python and implemented summarization. - Improved test speed by batching unit tests and using self-hosted GitHub runners. - Made changes to continuous integration practices, including conditions for rebuilding Docker images. Other Changes: - Various optimizations and speed improvements. - Removed deprecated features, including parts of the package and support for LuaMetaTeX. For a full list of changes, see <https://mirrors.ctan.org/macros/generic/markdown/CHANGES.md>.
The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at https://ctan.org/pkg/markdown The package’s files themselves can be inspected at https://mirrors.ctan.org/macros/generic/markdown/
Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Petra Rübe-Pugliese
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markdown – Converting and rendering markdown documents inside

The package provides facilities for the conversion of markdown markup to plain . These are provided both in form of a Lua module and in form of plain , , and Cont macro packages that enable the direct inclusion of markdown documents inside documents.

Version3.4.3-0-ge2c6be1a 2024-04-04
Copyright2009–2016 John MacFarlane, Hans Hagen
2016–2024 Vít Starý Novotný
MaintainerVít Starý Novotný



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