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mis­saali – A late me­dieval OpenType tex­tura font

This pack­age con­tains the free OpenType Tex­tura font Mis­saali and a style file for us­ing it with XeLaTeX.

Tex­tura is a type­face based on the tex­tus quadra­tus form of the tex­tu­alis for­mata that late me­dieval scribes used for the most valu­able manuscripts. The font Mis­saali is based on Tex­tura that Ger­man printer Bartholomew Ghotan used for print­ing missals and psalters in the 1480s.

This font has two in­tended use cases:

  • as a Gothic dis­play font; and
  • for em­u­lat­ing late-me­dieval manuscripts.

In ad­di­tion to the ba­sic tex­tura let­ters, the font con­tains a large num­ber of ab­bre­vi­a­tion sigla as well as a set of Lom­bardic ini­tials.

As mod­ern type­set­ting al­go­rithms are not in­tended for cre­at­ing 15th cen­tury style lay­out, the pack­age con­tains a XeLaTeX style file that makes it eas­ier to achieve the clas­sic in­cunab­ula look.

Ver­sion1.004 2016-12-25
Main­tainerTommi Syr­jä­nen

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