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xistercian – Cistercian numerals in

This package allows you to use Cistercian numerals in . The glyphs are created using PGF, and to a certain degree configurable.

Cistercian numerals are a number system developed by Cistercian monks in the late Middle Ages. They can describe numbers up to 9999 as a single glyph.

You can use Cistercian numerals as page numbers using \pagenumbering{cistercian}. The two main macros are:

  • \cistercian{<counter>} formats the counter as a Cistercian numeral,
  • \cisterciannum{<integer>} formats the integer (given as a string) as a Cistercian numeral.

Version1.1 2021-11-23
Copyright2020–2021 Jonathan P. Spratte
MaintainerJonathan P. Spratte

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