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compile error without *

Hi all,

First of all thanks a lot for your job.

IMO the (pdf)latex compiling process should not give an error when no item* are marked in a multi[multiple] environment it should just check that the sum of fraction=x with x a positive integer is 100 (exactly like the one in the doc with prime integer which gives an error)

Although if I can compile with pdflatex the sourcefile using command like \R for \mathbb{R} once import in moodle it gives me nothing else than printing '\R' and seems to behave against the documentation, is it normal ?

Laurent Bakri, 2017-04-05 16:37 CEST

How to contact the author of txfonts

Hi, I am re-installing a newer version of MacTex, and currently running a .tex script for AIP. I encounter an error message on Typeset window: 'txfonts.sty not found.

Does this version of txfonts work to solve this problem? -

I am just trying to avoid overwriting other existing files that may be working already. Thank You!

Karla, 2017-03-26 23:53 CEST


Full Newbie. Looks fine if I really try. We'll see.
Drimis, 2017-03-08 17:08 CET


Je débute avec Latex, Oulalalaaa. J'espère que j'apprendrais ici, bye
Marco, 2017-02-17 01:00 CET

Hello word

I'm beginning with latex, and hope learn something more bye
francisco, 2017-02-14 14:40 CET

Great and helpful website

Thank you very much for the useful website and info!!! This one here https://www.ctan.org/pkg/listings helped me to accomplish my project on listings : http://www.customerso.com/listings/browse

David Thou

David Thou, 2017-02-13 13:59 CET

I like the look

of this site
Iwo, 2017-01-31 08:59 CET

Perfect for my resume

Thank you so much. My recruiter was really impressed!
Miso, 2017-01-25 00:31 CET

This is great, your technical writing is ultra good too

Hi, thank you for this work, very helpful for me to get to the next level is document preparation(s) with LaTeX.

Your explanations are ideal. Thank you again, Dan

Dan Kolis, 2016-12-23 20:36 CET

Could you please tell me how to make the type face of Texworks that appears on my screen larger?


Martin Moskowitz, 2016-12-16 13:43 CET

Edit 'thank you' page in a5 version

Names 'Michael John Downes' & 'Lan Thuy Pham' in page iv of a5 version of pdf file printed incorrectly for they are out of print area. Fix, please. I can read better in that version, but that mistake upset a little.
dossi, 2016-11-05 14:27 CET

Great work and effort

Many thanks to everyone who do this project posible. I am using TeX a few years, and its awesome.
Javier Martínez, 2016-08-02 18:12 CEST

Dawnload MacTeX

To run lyx
David Forrester, 2016-07-10 04:47 CEST


我使用MikTex, 安装CTEX宏包需要连接远程仓库,请问地址是什么?
叶木月 Muyue Ye, 2016-05-27 08:56 CEST


Great work TUG. I need help to generate “metafont.arm-android.zip” for android OS. I am a LaTeX user from Nigeria
Njoku Chinedu, 2016-05-22 05:45 CEST

Great work

Great work
Milena, 2016-04-29 22:57 CEST

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