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Change Log 1.2

Ver­sion 1.2.11 [2014-01-23]

  • Quick Fix of a nasty bug in the tex-archive brows­ing mode.

Ver­sion 1.2.10 [2014-01-22]

  • Fix for in­stall path.
  • Icons re­worked and added to doc­u­men­ta­tion of pack­ages.
  • Doc­u­men­ta­tion ty­pos fixed.

Ver­sion 1.2.9 [2014-01-15]

  • Miss­ing link to TDS in­stal­la­tion archive for pack­ages added.
  • Ex­pos­ing the CTAN database as dy­nam­i­cally gen­er­ated XML files (see Query­ing CTAN with XML).
  • De­scrip­tion on up­load form de­faults to <cap­tion>.

Ver­sion 1.2.8 [2013-12-30]

  • Back­port to Grails 2.2.4.
  • Length of pack­age de­scrip­tion raised to 16k.

Ver­sion 1.2.7 [2013-12-18]

  • Er­ror han­dling in Cat­a­logue im­porter im­proved.
  • Mi­grated to Grails 2.3.4.
  • mailto links to main­tain­ers added.
  • Ob­so­lete pack­ages clearly marked in most skins.
  • lan­guage of pack­age doc­u­men­ta­tion dis­played in most skins.
  • For­mat­ting bug for em­bed­ded HTML fixed.

Ver­sion 1.2.6 [2013-11-17]

  • Mail plu­gin up­graded.
  • Is­rael flag fixed.

Ver­sion 1.2.5 [2013-11-16]

  • Down­load link on pack­age page added.
  • Site map com­pleted.
  • Help page ex­tended.
  • Skins slightly im­proved.
  • In­ter-pack­age links in pack­age de­scrip­tions and em­bed­ded HTML fixed.

Ver­sion 1.2.4 [2013-10-02]

  • Trail­ing slash in archive is sup­ported.
  • Re-in­te­gra­tion of fixes for the Cat­a­logue im­port.

Ver­sion 1.2.3 [2013-09-07]

  • Image of Col­lec­tion 2013 in­tro­duced.

Ver­sion 1.2.2 [2013-08-18]

  • Up­grade to Grails 2.2.4.
  • Selec­tion of pack­age for dis­play in browser en­hanced with heuris­tic for mul­ti­ple pack­ages with the same CTAN path.
  • Fixed and im­proved up­load page.
  • Fixes in mir­rors page for sites with dif­fer­ent URLs for the pro­to­cols.
  • Fixed check of paths in mir­ror reg­is­tra­tion.

Ver­sion 1.2.1 [2013-05-12]

  • Com­mu­nity func­tions dis­abled.
  • Fixes

An­nounce­ment [2013-02-10]

Ver­sion 1.2 of the CTAN por­tal www.ctan.org is on­line

The next ver­sion of the CTAN por­tal is avail­able for pub­lic use. The ma­jor new fea­ture are the com­mu­nity func­tions. You can now reg­is­ter an ac­count and gain ac­cess to ad­di­tional pos­si­bil­i­ties to con­tribute to and ben­e­fit from CTAN.

As a logged in user you can vote and com­ment the pack­ages. Thus other users can ben­e­fit from your ex­pe­ri­ences with a pack­age. Your rat­ing can be ad­justed or deleted at any time.

We would like to en­cour­age you to take the op­por­tu­nity and con­tribute to CTAN in this novel way.

In ad­di­tion sev­eral de­tail im­prove­ments have been in­cor­po­rated:

  • New: Ad­di­tional mod­ule “Did you know?” on land­ing page
  • New: Num­bers on pack­ages and au­thors on land­ing page
  • New: Show­ing file type in­for­ma­tion in tex-archive browser as tool tip
  • New: Link to li­censes pages added
  • The up­load page has been im­proved wrt. val­i­da­tions and pro­vid­ing de­faults for ex­ist­ing pack­ages and users.
  • Notes text in tex-archive browser fixed
  • Omit file name hy­phen­ation at sev­eral places
  • Cat­a­logue syn­chro­niza­tion fixed
  • Help pages ex­tended
  • Search op­tions im­proved
  • Skin “steel” added

We have a mail­ing list for dis­cus­sions about fur­ther de­vel­op­ment of the site. Thus all fea­ture re­quests and pro­pos­als should go there. Regis­ter for this mail­ing list un­der


En­joy the new site and keep on ing

The CTAN Team

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