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Re­quested Fea­tures

This page con­tains some ideas for im­prove­ments. They are not pri­or­i­tized but listed in ran­dom or­der in­stead.

Func­tional Is­sues

Search for files in tex-archive

The search can be used to find a file in tex-archive by its name – with and with­out ex­ten­sion.

The search can be used to find a file in tex-archive even if is gen­er­ated from an­other file, e.g. dur­ing in­stal­la­tion. For in­stance files gen­er­ated by ins files from dtx files are of this kind.

Search for con­trol se­quences in tex-archive

The search can be used to find a file in tex-archive which con­tains a given con­trol se­quence. Since cat­codes are hard to grok only those ap­pear­ances are in­dexed which re­ally start with a back­slash.

A clas­si­fi­ca­tion with the cat­e­gories “de­fined”, “used”, and “doc­u­mented” would be help­ful.

The same holds for en­vi­ron­ments.

Ac­tiv­ity Pro­file of Pack­ages

Show a pro­file show­ing all changes on a time axis. In ad­di­tion to the up­loads the au­to­matic mir­rored pack­ages have to be taken into ac­count.

Tag­ging Pack­ages

The pack­ages can be tagged. The tags can be added by the user. The tag­ging is pos­si­ble for au­then­ti­cated users only.

Tag­ging Direc­to­ries

Logged-in user can add tags to di­rec­to­ries. The tag­ging is only pos­si­ble for au­then­ti­cated users.

Per­sonal Start Page

A user can de­fine a per­sonal start page with some portlets to choose and place.

Visu­al­ize num­ber of pack­ages and files

The num­ber of pack­ages and files can be shown as chart. A pie chart can be used to show the sizes of the di­rec­to­ries di­rectly un­der tex-archive and for those un­der tex-archive/macros. The pie chart should fit in its col­ors to the cur­rent skin.

Cor­rec­tions for the Cat­a­logue

Pro­pos­als for cor­rec­tions of Cat­a­logue en­tries can be sub­mit­ted via the Web in­ter­face.

Al­low Lo­gin with OpenId

Al­low the user to lo­gin via an OpenId iden­tity.

Search: In­dex the files in the archive

The files in the archive should be in­dexed and made search­able. This in­cludes the macros as well as the doc­u­men­ta­tion.

Vot­ing for fea­tures

Al­low a au­then­ti­cated user to vote for a re­quested fea­ture. The vote is recorded and can be cor­rected. Thus a user can not vote sev­eral times for the same fea­ture.

For­mat­ting of Math in pack­age de­scrip­tions

Given that JavaScript is be­ing in­voked, it would seem good also to in­voke the in­car­na­tion for MathJax so that math in the de­scrip­tive area is dis­played.

Data Sources

Tech­ni­cal Is­sues

Con­fir­ma­tion Boxes

Re­place the JavaScript con­fir­ma­tion boxes by bet­ter look­ing ones.

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