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Directory biblio/bibtex/contrib/authordate

This directory contains 4 BibTeX style files for producing author-date
reference-lists.  The styles are loosely based on the recommendations of
British Standard 1629 (1976 edition), Butcher's "Copy-editing" (Cambridge
University Press, 1981) and the Chicago Manual of  Style (1982 edition).

The files are:
authordate1.bst - Author's names are typeset in roman.  Uppercase letters in
                  article, journal and book titles are left as given in the
                  bib file.
authordate2.bst - As authordate1, but with downstyle titles, i.e., titles that
                  are lowercase except for the first letter, any letter
                  following a colon, and letters protected by { and }.
authordate3.bst - As authordate1, but with author's names in small capitals.
authordate4.bst - As authordate3, but with downstyle titles.

These style files must be used in conjunction with certain re-definitions
of thebibliography and \cite, as provided in the LaTeX style-option file
authordate1-4.sty.  For example, your LaTeX input file might contain

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (31.8k).

authordate – Author/date style citation styles

Authordate produces styles loosely based on the recommendations of British Standard 1629(1976), Butcher's Copy-editing and the Chicago Manual of Style.

The bundle provides four styles (authordate1, …, authordate4), and a package, for citation in author/date style. The styles differ in how they format names and titles; one of them is necessary for the package to work.

Version 1992-07-20
LicensesKnuth License
MaintainerDavid Rhead
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