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02 Dec 1995

Added the files arrsy.sty and Uarrsy.fd for LaTeX. The fonts themselves are

31 Mar 1995

Added \cupp and \capp for cup and cap products (smaller than the smile and
frown found in the msam font).

22 Nov 1994

Here's a small font I put together, mainly for a few characters I wanted to
use with my diagram macros, kuvio.tex. The font also contains reproductions
of a few arrows from the pre-1992 versions of cmsy10 and cmmi10. (The
arrowheads were made wider in '92, a change for the worse in my opinion.)
There are probably only three characters in arrsy10 which people not
using kuvio.tex may find useful: \of for function composition (smaller that
the massive \circ), \vect for vectors (\vec doesn't do it for me) and
\dotp for dot products (heavier than \cdot, lighter than \bullet). Who knows,
versions of these may already exist somewhere else but here are mine.

On a Unix box, you can install the font as follows.

 1. Copy Makefile-dist to Makefile and then edit this file, setting the
    variables DESTDIR, PKDEST, TFMDEST, MFDEST and TEXDDEST appropriately.

 2. Do "make". If you don't have MFINPUTS set you should do
    "make MFINPUTS=<path>" instead, where <path> is a path in which the file
    cmbase.mf can be found (usually something like /usr/local/lib/mf/inputs).
    If all goes well you should get one tfm file and one pk file and you can
    then do "make install".

 3. Do "make clean" to clean up.

If none of this works for you, mail me.

Anders Svensson  <svensson@math.ubc.ca>
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