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hepparticles --- for typesetting high energy particle names
by Andy Buckley <andy@insectnation.org>

hepparticles is a set of macros for typesetting high energy particle names. It
provides a robust and consistent structure within which to typeset the names and
along the way solves many problems with alignment and text styles which
otherwise make themselves known.

Chief amongst the problems solved by hepparticles is that the boldness of
particle names typeset in math mode when used in section titles, headers and
tables of contents disappears. hepparticles ensures that particle names remain
bold, italic, or in sans-serif font to match the surrounding font context. The
typesetting convention by default uses upright names for "concrete" particles
and italic type for generic particle labels but the convention can be specified
at package-include time, making this package suitable for use with journals
which require alternative styles.

hepparticles also applies small but significant horizontal shifts to sub- and
super-scripts and overlines and tildes for antiparticles and supersymmetric
particles respectively (as well as the extremely rarely used SUSY
antiparticles!) and makes use of the subdepth package to ensure that all particle
name sub- and super-scripts are typeset at the same heights.

Fuller documentation for this package can be found in the files
hepparticles.{ps,pdf}, distributed with the package and some examples (used for
debugging) are in testhepparticles.{ps,pdf}, with source code in

You may also be interested in the hepnames package, which uses this one to
define a large set of standard particle names.

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License.  See
http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/licenses.lppl.html for the
details of that license.

Author: Andy Buckley <andy@insectnation.org>

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (86.8k).

HEPparticles – Macros for typesetting high energy physics particle names

HEPparticles is a set of macros for typesetting high energy particle names, to meet the following criteria:

1. The main particle name is a Roman or Greek symbol, to be typeset in upright font in normal contexts.

2. Additionally a superscript and/or subscript may follow the main symbol.

3. Particle resonances may also have a resonance specifier which is typeset in parentheses following the main symbol. In general the parentheses may also be followed by sub- and superscripts.

4. The particle names are expected to be used both in and out of mathematical contexts.

5. If the surrounding text is bold or italic then the particle name should adapt to that context as best as possible (this may not be possible for Greek symbols).

A consequence of point 5 is that the well-known problems with boldness of particle names in section titles, headers and tables of contents automatically disappear if these macros are used.

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