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Hi, and thanks for checking out latexmk.

LatexMk completely automates the process of generating a LaTeX document.
Essentially,  it  is  a  highly  specialized  cousin of the general make
utility.  Given the source files for  a  document,  latexmk  issues  the
appropriate  sequence  of  commands  to generate a .dvi, .ps or hardcopy
version of the document.

Please  read  the man page for a run down on how good it is and what all
the features are.  A copy of the fast help that can  be  seen  by  doing
"latexmk -h" is at the end of this file.

The    LatexMk    perl    script    was    modified   by   Evan   McLean
(emm@rdt.monash.edu.au) from  the original  script called  "go"  written
by  David J.  Musliner.  LatexMk is no longer supported by the author.
With changes in work situation, the author no longer uses latex, and hence
does not use LatexMk.  Having no access to latex also makes it difficult
to test fixes.

The  start  of  the script file has disclaimers and modification history
for those who are interested.


1) Portability: This first line of the perl script is:


   This  might  not be the right path for your perl compiler/interpreter
   (assuming you have one).  Modify to the right place for you system if
   you need to.  Likely candidates are:


2) LatexMk    is    archived    on    the    CTAN    tex    archive   in
   /tex-archive/support/latexmk Which is on the following hosts  (amoung
   many  other mirror sites): ftp.tex.ac.uk, ftp.shsu.edu, ftp.dante.de,

3) The  -pvc option uses a feature of xtex that reloads the current file
   if is receives a SIGUSR1 signal.  Using -pvc with  a  previewer  that
   does not have this feature will not work (SEE NOTE 4).

4) Included  is  a patch to the source for the xdvi previewer to make it
   reload the current file if it receives a SIGUSR1 signal.   This  make
   xdvi  usable  as  the previewer for the -pvc option.  See the contrib

5) System V UNIX users may have to change the "$pscmd" variable in their
   RC  file  if  they are using the -pvc option.  Refer to $pscmd in the
   man page.

Hope you find this useful.

Evan McLean

---------------------------- "latexmk -h" ----------------------------
LatexMk 2.0: Automatic LaTeX document generation routine

Usage: latexmk [latexmk_options] [filename ...]

   -bm <message> - Print message across the page when converting to postscript
   -bi <intensity> - Set contrast or intensity of banner
   -bs <scale> - Set scale for banner
   -c 	- clean up (remove) all nonessential files
   -C 	- clean up (remove) all nonessential files
          including dvi and postscript files
   -d   - Print `DRAFT' across the page when converting to postscript
   -dF <filter> - Filter to apply to dvi file
   -f 	- force continued processing past errors
   -F 	- Ignore non-existent files when making dependencies
   -g 	- process regardless of file timestamps
   -h 	- print help
   -i 	- rescan for includes if depenancy file older than tex file
   -I 	- force rescan for includes
   -l   - force landscape mode
   -ps 	- generate postscript
   -pF <filter> - Filter to apply to postscript file
   -p   - print document after generating postscript
   -pv  - preview document
   -pvc - preview document and continuously update
   -r <file> - Read custom RC file
   -s   - set slide mode
   -v   - display program version
   filename = the root filename of LaTeX document

  -p, -pv and -pvc are mutually exclusive
  -h, -c and -C overides all other options.
  -pv and -pvc require one and only one filename specified
  Contents of RC file specified by -r overrides options specified
    before the -r option on the command line
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