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Date: February 11, 2005 4:36:42 PM CET
On Fri, 11 Feb 2005 Bernd Becker uploaded a new package called ltxdiff Location on CTAN: /support/ltxdiff Summary description: Win32 program(me) to mark differences between two files, or all .tex files in the passed directory and subdirectories thereof License type: nosource Announcement text:
A Win32 program(me) that compares tokens in two .tex files (or directories [+subdirectories] containing .tex files) and may mark differences according to the options set by using GNU Diff. An other diff program(me) may be used if its "-b", "-B", "-d", and "-E" switches are compatible with GNU Diff.
Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Rainer Schöpf

ltxdiff – A Win32 program that compares tokens in two .tex files

The program compares tokens in two .tex files (or directories, possibly with subdirectories, containing .tex files) and marks differences according to the options set, by using GNU Diff to find tokens to be marked.

Another diff program may be used as well if it has the switches -b, -B, -d, and -E and they have the same effect as with GNU diff.

MaintainerBernd Becker



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