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CTAN Update: Iwona and Kurier fonts

Date: June 8, 2010 12:07:14 PM CEST
On Mon, 7 Jun 2010, Staszek Wawrykiewicz submitted an update to the iwona and kurier packages. > ---- > Package: Iwona fonts > Version: 0.995 (June 2010) > Authors: Janusz M. Nowacki > License: GUST Font Nosource License > Location on CTAN: fonts/iwona > > ---- > Package: Kurier fonts > Version: 0.995 (June 2010) > Authors: Janusz M. Nowacki > License: GUST Font Nosource License > Location on CTAN: fonts/kurier > > Recent changes in both packages: > -- changed the names of small caps characters > A.small --> a.sc > B.small --> b.sc > C.small --> c.sc > etc.; > -- added previously missing characters: > Aogonekacute, Ddotbelow, Dlinebelow, E.reversed, Eogonekacute, > Germandbls, Hbrevebelow, Hdotbelow, Htilde, Iogonekacute, Jacute, > Ldot, Oogonek, Oogonekacute, Rdotaccent, Sdotbelow, Tcedilla, > Tdotbelow, Tlinebelow, Ttilde, Zdotbelow, ain, angleleft, angleright, > aogonekacute, bigcircle, brevebelow, cent.oldstyle, centigrade, > copyleft, ddotbelow, dieresis.alt, dlinebelow, dmacron, e.reversed, > ell, eogonekacute, hamza, hbrevebelow, hdotbelow, htilde, hyphen.alt, > hyphen.prop, hyphendbl, hyphendbl.alt, i.TRK, imacron.alt, iogonekacute, > jacute, ldot, linebelow, macron.alt, nomero, oogonek, oogonekacute, > permyriad, perthousandzero, rdotaccent, sdotbelow, servicemark, > tcedilla, tdotbelow, tlinebelow, ttilde, zdotbelow > -- added proportional digits (xxx.prop), as well as oldstyle proportional > digits (xxx.oldstyle); > > ---- Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Rainer Schöpf

iwona – A two-element sans-serif font

Iwona is a two-element sans-serif typeface. It was created as an alternative version of the Kurier typeface, which was designed in 1975 for a diploma in typeface design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts under the supervision of Roman Tomaszewski.

This distribution contains a significantly extended set of characters covering the following modern alphabets: latin (including Vietnamese), Cyrillic and Greek as well as a number of additional symbols (including mathematical symbols). The fonts are prepared in Type 1 and OpenType formats. For use with the following encoding files have been prepared: T1 (ec), T2 (abc), and OT2—Cyrillic, T5 (Vietnamese), OT4, QX, texansi and nonstandard (IL2 for the Czech fonts), as well as supporting macros and files defining fonts for .

Copyright1998–2010 Janusz M. Nowacki
MaintainerJanusz Marian Nowacki (deceased)



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