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graphicscache – Cache includegraphics calls

This package provides caching of \includegraphics calls, with several useful effects:

  • Recompilations are much faster (10x speedup observed).
  • Images can be postprocessed with ghostscript before inclusion, thus:
    • Automatic downscaling to specified DPI
    • Automatic JPEG compression with configurable quality
    • Much smaller files (e.g. 10MB instead of 150MB)!

Note: Due to the one-by-one invocation of pdflatex and ghostscript for each graphics element, the first compilation is typically slower than usual.

Note: graphicscache needs the \write18 call (also called shell escape). This is a security risk if you have untrusted sources.

graphicscache supports pdf and Lua; XeLaTeX is not supported.

Version0.4 2022-12-20
Copyright2018–2021 Max Schwarz
MaintainerMax Schwarz

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